In the last week or two, you might have heard a little story about a comedian being banned from performing at a comedy show for having dreadlocks. It made the national news. Zach Poitras is that comedian and now he’s on the show. And you won’t believe what he has to say about the whole thing. Just kidding, for the guy at the center of such an incendiary story, Zach is amazingly open to listening to dialogue about appropriation and cultural exchange. Listen, we don’t have any answers here on this show, but maybe it’s worth a listen to hear that no matter what side of this story you’re on, Zach is just a (funny) guy.Zach Poitras

Zach has a LOT of shows coming up, so you should probably track him down on Facebook. But, keep in mind that he has personally asked us to share this event: Les Pirateries: Soirée clandestines so you should check that one out.

Photo Credit: Shéhérazade

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