Obviously there are a pile of movies at the festival and as the festival grows and expands there are bound to be films that appeal to you more than others. It’s no small secret that Jon and I are not huge fans of a lot of Asian cinema (although we still check some of it out obviously) and that was once the bread and butter of the Fantasia International Film Festival. This is only a partial list, but it’s a list of what we’re probably going to be checking out this week, Monday to Thursday. Obviously these films will all be featured on the 9to5 Goes to Fantasia podcast.

Tonight (Monday July 21st):

The Harvest

John McNaughton made “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”. That film no doubt inspired dozens (if not hundreds) of movies that would go on to be shown at Fantasia. His first straight up horror movie in over 20 years is probably a no-brainer. The fact that it deals with an over bearing mother who might be doing more harm than good as she isolates her child adds to the appeal for me and makes it a sure bet for me.

Tickets and trailer HERE.

Tuesday July 22nd:


Hey, did I ever mention that I was married once? I can relate to a honeymoon gone wrong. However, judging from a still frame of Rose Leslie possibly tied up and covered in blood I think I got off light in comparison. There’s something oddly appealing about watching what should be a happy “first day of the rest of our lives” honeymoon head so far South. Looks good.

Tickets and trailer HERE.

Wednesday July 23rd:

Bag Boy Lover Boy

I’m not gonna lie here, the fact that the still (and trailer) is of a guy wearing sunglasses just drenched in blood is a big draw for this film. The fact that it seems to be about a collection of weird people doing weird and fucked up things is what put it on my watch list. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also a World Premiere. Sometimes those random “way out there” picks are candidates for best of the festival. We’ll see what this one has in store for us.

Tickets and trailer HERE.

The Run

This looks like a straight up action movie. Drug dealers and human traffickers fuck with a guy’s family followed by 90 minutes of action and undoubtably a lot of parkour. He probably gets revenge on those bad guys and maybe dies in the process. Also, it screens with local film maker Tobie Garceau’s short “The Burglar” as a bonus.

Tickets and trailer HERE.

Thursday July 24th:


Jon loved this movie and sang it’s praise in the 3rd episode of our podcast series however I missed it. If I can I’m going to try and make it out to the second screening. A cool story about trying to deprogram a girl who gets sucked into a cult (called “Faults”) with a comedy bent and a solid twist at the end. We’ll see if I like it as much as Jono did.

Tickets and trailer HERE.

What are you going to see? Let us know!

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