So if you’ve been paying attention to the general going-ons of the site (listening to the podcasts that for the first time ever don’t include me on them would be a start) then you may have noticed that I have been gone for pretty much the last 3 weeks. I was on the actual other side of the world you guys. Well, provided that you consider being 12,000 km away from home as the other side of the world. Anyways, I had very limited internet access and other than what I gleaned from the occasional glimpse of Facebook I really didn’t have that much access to what was going on in the very important world of pop-culture. The more pressing issue was actually Typhoon Soudelor that was about to hit Taiwan as we were planning on flying out.

I mean, the really important stuff filtered through. Like, I became aware of the fact that Ian McShane will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones in some mystery role (although, I’m like 99% sure he will be a Greyjoy). I also heard that Meek Mill and Drake got into a fight over who wrote raps better and maybe something about one of them being the baby-daddy to Nicki Minaj’s unborn child. The fact that I have never heard of Meek Mill up until last week sort of speaks volumes about the fact that he will be remembered as the rapper who got into a fight with Drake and nothing more. I also saw Ronda Rousey KO a Brazilian UFC fighter in her usual amount of time (fights so short they fit into gifs!). In more upsetting news I heard about a little Canadian
robot that got smashed up in Philly, found out that Hulk Hogan was a racist and Rowdy Roddy Piper and lion named Cecil died.

I somehow also became aware that they are making Space Jam 2.

But what about the pop-culture that I didn’t get to hear about? Join me now on a journey of discovery into things that are barely newsworthy but possibly mildly interesting.


Really looks like they're enjoying that meal.

Really looks like they’re enjoying that meal.

Michelle Rodriguez Drinks Piss with Bear Grylls

Ah, I’m so glad that Bear Grylls somehow popped back onto my radar. I watched a bunch of his show back when I had whatever channel his show was on. No matter how tired and worn the meme got, the “Drink Piss” meme almost always got a smile from me. When I was skimming through headlines and trending searches Michelle Rodriguez caught my eye based almost entirely on the fact that I had watched Furious 7 on the plane. If you haven’t seen Furious 7 you should probably get on that, it’s amazing. I guess he has a new show where he takes celebrities into the wild with him and Michelle Rodriguez was one of the lucky ones. Bear had a special treat in store for Michelle (and the real winners, us) when he caught a rodent and then informed her that to make a little soup-stock out of the mouse she would have to pee into a cup to provide the stock. Ha ha! Now you’re eating a mouse stewed in urine! That’s entertainment kids. The fact that Grylls and Rodriguez are both millionaires eating mousepiss soup brings a smile to me.


That's the same look on his face he had before jumping in a sick river.

That’s the same look on his face he had before jumping in a sick river.

Steve-O Gets Arrested for Climbing a Thing Because SeaWorld Sucks

Why do I love this story? Because Steve-O sobered up and now he has all this stupid prank energy and is trying to channel it for good. The guy who put himself on an IV drip full of booze and has done more PCP than anyone alive is fighting the good fight against Orcas in captivity. What’s not to love about that story? So Steve-O climbed up a 10 story construction sign with an inflatible killer whale that said “Sea World Sucks”. Dozens of cops and rescue vehicles had to be called and then he lit off some fireworks to really get his point across. You know. The point that Sea World sucks. He also live-streamed the whole thing with the help of remote control drone cameras filming him. As the fire department has mentioned, it’s silly to pull a stunt that monopolizes emergency services when actual emergencies probably need their attention more than a crazy stuntman. I’m also not sure whether or not the 17 million people who have watched the videos are interested in the plight of captive orcas or if they just want Jackass 4. Misguided or not, I think Steve-O’s heart is in the right place.


Dead eyes. Both of them.

Dead eyes. Both of them.

Slender Man Girls To Be Tried As Adults

You’d have to really scour the podcasts and posts over the past 3 or 4 years to find them, but there’s been a few references here and there towards are love and fear of all things Slender Man related. This story completely sucked me in when it first went down since it was a case of reality creepily mirroring internet boogeyman fantasy. The idea that two teenage girls would carefully plan a murder under the guise of following a made up skinny, faceless man in a suit is bone chilling. I’m not even sure why I love the Slender Man mythos but I think it’s one of the rare instances where we’ve actually gotten to witness the birth of folklore happen in real time using modern avenues. I am excited that these girls are getting tried as adults though. I’ve seen their confession videos and they’re fucked right up. This was some pre-meditated next level malicious intent. Unless they were actually under the influence of Slender Man, these girls knew what they were doing and should face real consequences.

gwen and gavin

Stop rubbing your gorgeous faces in our faces.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale File for Divorce

Hey, listen. I was never a big fan of No Doubt or Bush (or Bush X to us Canadians) but I can’t argue that both of these people are beautiful and that counts for something. I don’t have anything to say about this and I know nothing about their relationship but I feel like a little part of the late 90s/early 2000s is dead and they should have fought harder for it. Remember that time that Gavin was an angel (or was he a demon?) in the movie Constantine? Those were some good times. That was the first movie I ever saw on a 5.1 surround sound home theater system. Sometimes your first time with something cool can be a little disappointing, like sex.  Thanks for nothing Gwen and Gavin


This. 100 times this.

The Deadpool Trailer Came Out 

Can I just say that I absolutely love the fact that the Deadpool movie is happening and seems to be happening in a way that stays true to the comics? When Deadpool hit the screen in that Wolverine movie it was as awful as the movie itself. Even the Deadpool Trailer-Trailer takes a shot at the fact that they covered his mouth, taking away the character’s defining quality and comedy potential. Some people made a teaser intended just for the eyes of the Fox movie execs to try and get backing for a movie that actually represented Deadpool but to no avail. Then that little CG teaser “leaked” and was so awesomely well received that it got the project back to being greenlit. Then it was announced it was going to be Rated R. Then there were awesome movie posters and insane tweets from Ryan Reynolds pretty much in character. Now finally, a trailer that seems to completely “nail it.” I haven’t been this excited by the buildup to a movie since Fury Road. Get ready for like 3 blogs and 2 podcasts to be devoted to Deadpool in February you guys.

There, I feel much more caught up than before. Thanks everyone.

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