I am a third generation Walter. I personally have no problem with the name. A little old fashioned, perhaps, but it sure beats the shit out of Nevaeh. Should I ever have a man-child of my own, I will not hesitate in introducing a fourth gen Walter to this world. If his mother’s against it, she can call him whatever the hell she likes around the house, as long as it’s not Nevaeh or “late for dinner.” Nobody, after all, wants to be called late for dinner. See what I did there?

Walter, however, is a name which finds itself pretty much cursed in the realms of pop culture – particularly movies. As far back as I can remember (admittedly, that’s only about two or three months, tops) I’ve noticed that any character named Walter is a bad dude. Falling under the “bad dude” category are the following: creep, perv, psycho, criminal, dick, etc.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?

Remember that jagoff in Ghost Busters from the Environmental protection Agency who tries to shut the boys down? His name was Walter Peck. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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