I made a rage comic about it.

Not being the artist on the site, sometimes rage comics are the best I can do. This particular issue keeps happening to me. I’m not the biggest comic fan (see: Scott) but I do follow along somewhat to the major movings and doings that go in the world of comic books. So sometimes, people ask me about what’s going on. The Death of Ultimate Spiderman was one of those things that sort of broke through into the mainstream. However, people only seemed to really sit up and take notice when Bendis replaced Peter Parker with a half-African American, half-Latin American teenager named Miles Morales. It sadly didn’t seem to be his death that got people’s attention, it was the fact that Spiderman was now ethnic. Like Spidermann 2099. Man people, use Google, it’ll piss me off less.

And it has nothing to do with the new movie.