On June 11th, there was no episode of the Go Plug Yourself Podcast. At that time we posted the post below. We stand by these statements and stand by our recommendations of these podcasts that you should really be checking out.
We are taking the time to reflect upon recent events. Taking the time to learn and educate ourselves. Taking the time to listen to and support Black and Indigenous persons and People of Colour.
We humbly suggest you do the same. If you’re looking for podcasts to listen to instead of ours we suggest checking out one of the countless amazing shows created by Black, Indigenous and POC creators. We have a few suggestions of shows we’ve found educational but nothing should stop you from doing your research and finding a new podcast to subscribe to.
Some shows we’ve been listening to (Spotify links, or links directly to podcast websites):
You might also want to check out Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo hosted by award winning Cree journalist Connie Walker.
Take the time to learn and support positive change in whatever way you are able.
Below are some links to Google Docs that are being frequently updated with business, causes and organizations you might want to support:


We’ve included a capture of some of these documents as of today (06/11) with the intention of increasing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of these important groups:

Anti-Black/Racism Resources MTL:


  • Defund Montreal Police Service:
  • Petition to PM Trudeau:
  •  Implement body cameras & ban the use of rubber bullets and tear gas by law enforcement in Canada chng.it/DSxY2Jdfgs

Donate/ Faire un don

( based on: @deadcelery, @danii_jo, @asasyssas)

  • A page run by Shanice Nicole, local MTL activist, educator, and writer. She shares an array of resources and donation links to people who want to help. From her page : If you can give, please do. If you can share, please do. As usual all money goes to local Black and/or Indigenous community members.
    e-Transfer: shanicenicoleyarde@gmail.com
    PayPal: paypal.me/shanicenicoleyarde
  • Montreal en Action an organization that mobilizes citizens around positive change. The organization collected over 22, 000 signatures to require the City of Montreal to act on inclusion, diversity and equality across municipal sectors.  The funds raised will be used to set up courses on systemic racism and discrimination, with community leaders and anti-discrimination experts and activists, to educate individuals and businesses on the subject, amongst other projects.
  • Afrique au Féminin est un organisme sans but lucratif (OSBL), fondé par un groupe de femmes professionnelles d’origine africaine préoccupées par les difficultés d’intégration sociale et économique des femmes de leurs communautés dans la société d’accueil.Ainsi, bien que son intervention soit spécifiquement orientée vers les femmes immigrantes, le centre est ouvert à toutes les femmes, sans distinction d’âge, de langue, de couleur et de religion.
  • Project 10 works to promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults 14-25. 
  • Mission is to provide youth with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their physical and mental well-being.
  • Is to provide a safe environment where women can begin to rebuild their lives. We offer support and frontline services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (Aboriginal) women and children to promote their empowerment and independence.
  • Le Centre lasallien Saint-Michel est un organisme communautaire à but non lucratif, dédié à l’éducation et au développement des jeunes et des adultes. Son souci est de pouvoir offrir quotidiennement un espace de vie accueillant et stimulant aux citoyens de l’arrondissement (Saint-Michel, Villeray et Parc d’Extension) prioritairement aux plus défavorisés et aux plus vulnérables.
  • Générer des espaces de dialogues et des initiatives mobilisatrices pour éliminer les inégalités systémiques et développer des communautés solidaires, inclusives,sécuritaires et dynamiques
  • Des services légaux tout à fait gratuitement
  • Lieu de rencontres et d’apprentissage, la librairie Racines est située dans Montréal-Nord. Gabriella Kinté y offre depuis 2017 des livres de tout horizon, mais aussi une juste place aux autrices et auteurs racisé.e.s. Loin de ne s’adresser qu’à une clientèle ethnoculturelle, Racines se veut une vitrine représentative de la société, et souhaite promouvoir la diversité dans le paysage littéraire, et dans nos bibliothèques. Au-delà du commerce, Gabriella rêve de bâtir une communauté autour de la lecture, des échanges et des découvertes, car elle est convaincue que les histoires ne se transmettent pas uniquement par le papier.
  • Parole d’excluEs soutient la mobilisation citoyenne dans l’optique de parvenir à une société qui ne produit plus de pauvreté et d’exclusion sociale. Nous encourageons la prise de parole citoyenne et rassemblons des personnes issues de différents milieux dans des projets collectifs, afin qu’elles améliorent leurs conditions de vie et aient la possibilité de faire des choix et d’exercer les droits qui leur sont garantis.
  • IRERR is a non-profit organization with the mandate to promote scientific research and education on racism in Canadian institutional contexts.
  •  Based in Little Burgundy and serving participants across Greater Montreal, DESTA supports Black youth aged 18 to 35 in reaching their educational, employability, and entrepreneurial goals through a holistic and individualized approach.
  • Provides to individuals and families in need a range of emergency services that ensure their basic needs and maintain their integrity. We also contribute actively to crime prevention and we promote physical, social and intellectual development of the youth through education, sports and recreation.
  • The Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance is a group of community workers of diverse experience who wish to draw attention to the need for access to self-determined and holistic health services within our communities. Our work seeks to develop harm reduction approaches that meet our communities where they are at, and to expand understandings of harm reduction to include environmental violence, and the criminalization of youth, sex workers, street-involved peoples, and LGBTQ2S people.
  • The Migrant Rights Network is a cross-Canada alliance to combat racism and fight for migrant justice. We are a network of self-organized groups of refugees and migrants and allies.


Search for a Canadian charity by topic: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/explore/charities/


(credit: @aaanasofiaaa)

** reminder to buy at a local bookstore if possible / rappel d’acheter dans une librairie locale si possible.

Canada and Québec perspectives/ Perspectives Canadienne et Québécoises:

  • Emilie Nicolas’s coverage in Le Devoir / @Emilie_Ni
  • Nicolas writes about the lack of coverage of systemic racism in Canada and Québec, the implications of inequity in the health system during the pandemic, the treatment of racialized front line workers, and other topics. See: Ils sont fous, ces Américains
  • Essays exploring systemic racism from a Québec perspective
  • Full Armony-Hassaoui-Mulone report to the SPVM (August 2019)

Race and COVID-19 Response/ Race & Conséquences de la COVID-19

  • Extensive compilation of tools, essays, analysis of the intersection of COVID-19, racial equity and social justice. Mostly US-centric
  • How are immigration, race, and poverty are playing out in the COVID-19 crisis in Quebec.

Philanthropy and Race/ Race & Philantropie

  • Framework for foundations and nonprofits looking to align their assets and efforts with an equity perspective.
  • Reflections from MacArthur Foundation staff on current events and systemic racism
  • Increasing the amount and effectiveness of resources aimed at combating institutional and structural racism in communities through capacity building, education, and convening of grantmakers and grantseekers.

Further learning / Apprentissage ultérieur

  • Resources for non-Black folks to support Black communities in Canada
  • Continuously updated article
  • 10 steps for non-black people to support. / 10 étapes pour personnes non-noires qui cherche à supporter
  • A resource for white people and parents to deepen anti-racism work (Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020)

Deeper dives into Anti-Black Racism in Canada/ Racisme anti-noir au Canada:

  • The Skin We’re In – Desmond Cole
  • Policing Black Lives – Robyn Maynard
  • Black Life – Post-BLM and the Struggle for Freedom – Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi
  • Until We Are Free: Reflections on Black Lives Matter in Canada – Edited by Rodney Diverlus, Sandy Hudson, Syrus Marcus Ware
  • In the Black: My Life – B. Denham Jolly
  • Queer Returns: Essays on Multiculturalism, Diaspora and Black Studies – Rinaldo Walcott
  • Blank: Essays and Interviews by M. NourbeSe Philip
  • The Hanging of Angelique – Afua Cooper
  • North of the Color Line – Sarah-Jane Mathieu


  • Two Black women reading, analyzing, deconstructing the concepts of race.
  • Code Switch explores how race impacts every part of society.
  • Still Processing blends commentary on pop culture and current issues
  • Creator and host Andrew Ti, co host Tawny Newsome and guests answer questions on whether or not something is racist
  • A weekly podcast where Kid Fury and Crissle West discuss and analyze pop culture and current events.
  • New York Times audio series on how slavery has transformed America, connecting past and present through the oldest form of storytelling.
  • Intersectionality Matters! Hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American Civil Rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory.
  • Hosted by Deray Mckesson, the podcast “offers a unique take on the news, with a special focus on overlooked stories and topics that often impact people of color”.


  • « Briser le code » est un documentaire qui vise à faire prendre conscience à la majorité québécoise qu’il existe encore en 2019, pour les personnes racisées et autochtones, un code à suivre. Un code pour éviter le plus possible d’être discriminées, un code pour ne pas déranger…

Montreal-Based Racial Justice Organizations:



“Générer des espaces de dialogues et des initiatives mobilisatrices pour éliminer les inégalités systémiques et développer des communautés solidaires, inclusives, sécuritaires et dynamiques.”

Afrique au Féminin


“Soutenir les femmes immigrantes dans l’amélioration de leurs conditions de vie et faciliter leur intégration au Québec. Il s’agit de les aider à sortir de l’isolement et les outiller afin de favoriser leur autonomie pour une meilleure prise en charge individuelle et collective. Afrique au Féminin est un centre pour les femmes qui veulent tisser des liens, vivre en harmonie avec elles-mêmes, partager leurs difficultés et mettre en commun leurs expériences et solutions. On y accueille toutes les femmes et on répond à leurs besoins (écoute, soutien, accompagnement et référence).”

Centre de justice des premiers peuples de Montréal / First People’s Justice Center of Montréal


“Support, inform and empower Indigenous persons in addressing their justice issues and in continuing their transition to a healthy and balanced quality of life; and Indigenize the justice systems, including educating key players, to engage with Indigenous persons in a fair, culturally respectful and restorative way.”

Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC)


“The Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) is a growing, resource-based organization that strengthens community capacity by providing professional support to organizations and individuals in need. The Centre is committed to helping visible minority youth rekindle their dreams, and achieve their full potential. We take a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of English-speaking youth. By referring to the “Holistic Project” approach through our community service, we recognize that youth have many needs (e.g., socio-cultural, educational, and economic, etc.) that must be addressed in order for youth to achieve their greatest potential in our society.”

*Can’t seem to find a place to donate on website

Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs / Big Brothers Big Sisters


“We are dedicated to helping children and youths who are faced with personal and socio-economic difficulties, as well as their families. Our agency offers professional mentoring services and an opportunity to acquire and improve personal strengths and interpersonal skills, contributing to a healthier life over the long term.”

*Indigenous Mentoring Program (for Indigenous youth)

*Black’N Role Mentoring Program (for the English-speaking Black community)

Black Theatre Workshop


“Black Theatre Workshop’s (BTW) mission is to promote and produce Black theatre that educates, entertains and inspires. The company strives to create a greater cross-cultural understanding by challenging its audience and the status quo. As Canada’s longest running Black theatre company, it maintains a high level of integrity and creativity. Elevating the representation of Black Canadian artists, the company bridges cultural barriers – uniting hearts, minds and communities.”

Native Friendship Centre of Montreal Inc. / Centre d’Amitié Autochtone de Montréal Inc.


“For over 40 years the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal Inc. (NFCM) has provided continuous quality services to the urban Indigenous population of Montreal and their families and is the only comprehensive service and referral point in the Greater Montreal Area (GMA) in relation to health, social services, legal, orientation/information, education, training, and employment referral for those migrating to or through the city including those from across Quebec, Canada, and the Americas.”

Women on the Rise / L’envol des Femmes


“Supporting women through active listening and service referrals; Providing stimulating workshops aimed at promoting self awareness of one’s strengths, potentials & limits, encouraging decision making and incorporating healthy changes; Sharing delicious, home-cooked meals together, with an emphasis on cultural cuisine and healthy vegetables; Providing an educational, bilingual childcare program that enhances all aspects of child development; Encouraging parents to adopt a positive attitude with regard to their children’s education and upbringing; We recognize the challenges of parenting and we come together to exchange insight in a non-judgemental atmosphere.”

DESTA – Black Youth Network / Réseau de la jeunesse Noire


“DESTA was founded in 2006 with a mandate to focus on the employability needs of Black youth in Little Burgundy. An integrated strategy was adopted to address both systemic and personal barriers to employment, such as justice involvement, housing, and lack of resources. Recognizing the economic needs of participants, DESTA’s mission was redefined in 2017 to center on education, employability, and entrepreneurship. On-site structured programming was developed to give participants access to diverse training opportunities and to help them build greater financial security.”

Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre / Centre communautaire Tyndale St-Georges (Contribué par / contributed by @anners3000)


“Since 1927, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has provided empowering educational programming for residents of Little Burgundy from birth through adulthood. Programs range from early literacy programs for 0 to 5 year olds to life skills training for adults. Our aim is to ensure that each member of our community has the opportunity and skills needed to realise their potential.”

The Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal


“The Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal Inc. exists to provide services; be an emotional support network; to organize activities and create opportunities for seniors to engage in social, recreational, cultural and educational activities; to prevent social isolation; foster their continued engagement in the community; enhance their quality of life; and to promote, encourage and assist seniors to maintain for as long as is possible, their autonomy and independence at home.”

West Island Black Community Association / Association de la Communauté Noir de l’Ouest de l’Île (Contribué par / contributed by @vanessamanroop)


“To educate the public on health issues, various cultures and multiculturalism; To relieve loneliness and isolation associated with aging and to provide recreational, educational and cultural activities for senior citizens; To operate a drop-in centre for youths, providing counselling, educational and recreational activities in a supervised setting; To provide academic scholarships to youths for the purpose of furthering their education; To do all such things that are ancillary and incidental to the achievement of the above charitable objectives; To raise funds, collect and receive monies and properties by contributions, gifts, legacies, bequests and grants to be used to promote and foster the objectives of the association.”

Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal


“The goal of the Native Women’s Shelter is to provide a safe environment where women can begin to rebuild their lives. We offer support and frontline services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (Aboriginal) women and children to promote their empowerment and independence. The NWSM is the only women’s shelter in Montreal that provides services exclusively to Aboriginal women and their children. Women are offered an up to three month stay in one of 13 private rooms, many of which are capable of accommodating more than one person so that women may stay with their children. There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol at the shelter.”

Clinique juridique de Saint-Michel


“La Clinique juridique de Saint-Michel est un organisme à but non lucratif qui cherche à promouvoir l’accessibilité à la justice en se positionnant comme étant un pionnier dans le quartier. Alors que plusieurs cliniques juridiques existent un peu partout sur l’île de Montréal, mais ont vocation à desservir principalement leur population locale et que les centres communautaires n’ont pas les ressources adéquates pour répondre à un tel besoin, nous mettons à la disposition des Michelois aux prises avec des ennuis juridiques une équipe qui à ce jour compte plus de 20 bénévoles provenant de diverses facultés de droit et de cabinets d’avocats.”

La Maison d’Haïti (Contribué par / contributed by @paulinecams)


“Dès sa création, la Maison d’Haïti a fait partie de l’histoire du mouvement communautaire québécois. Elle a participé à la mise en place de plusieurs regroupements et coalitions et a investi plusieurs dossiers importants, tant pour la communauté haïtienne et que pour l’action communautaire québécoise: alphabétisation populaire, éducation et intégration sociale des gens issus des communautés culturelles, mouvement des femmes, accès au travail, politiques d’égalité, dynamiques familiales et insertion sociale des jeunes, sans oublier les luttes contre les formes de discrimination et de racisme qui représentent l’un de ses axes d’intervention et de mobilisation.”

Les Fourchettes de l’Espoir


“Notre vision est principalement de contribuer à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des citoyens en misant sur 5 valeurs essentielles : respect, intégrité, solidarité, transparence et entraide. Assumant sa mission, depuis 12 ans, l’organisme est devenu un des leaders dans la lutte au décrochage social et notre travail a pour but de favoriser l’égalité sociale et économique des citoyens en améliorant la condition de vie de la population nord-montréalaise.”

  • Faire un don / donate: Link at top of their website / lien au haut de leur site web

Pour 3 Points


“Nous croyons à l’égalité sociale en faveur des jeunes issus de milieux défavorisés. Nous sommes convaincus qu’un jour, tous les jeunes auront la possibilité de développer leur potentiel pour devenir des adultes épanouis, résilients, en bonne santé et engagés dans leur communauté. C’est pourquoi nous formons les coachs sportifs de manière à ce qu’ils jouent aussi un rôle de coach de vie. En étant bien formés, les coachs peuvent aider les jeunes à développer les habiletés requises pour réussir à l’école et dans la vie.”

Solidarité sans frontières / Solidarity Across Borders / Solidaridad sin fronteras (Contribué par / contributed by @findnennen)


“Solidarité Sans Frontières est un réseau impliqué dans les luttes immigrantes, actif à Montréal depuis 2003. Nous sommes des immigrant(e)s et des allié(e)s et ensemble nous appuyons des individus et des familles qui font face au système injuste d’immigration et de détermination du statut de réfugié(e). Nous sommes engagé(e)s dans des activités d’éducation populaire et de travail de soutien. Nous organisons des mobilisations politiques prenant la forme de manifestations, lignes piquetage et actions directes.”

  • Faire un don / donate: On the sidebar of their website / sur la barre latérale de leur site web

AGIR (Contribué par / contributed by @sandie_barriere)


“Our mission is to develop and offer services, information, programs and resources, in addition to protecting and defending the legal, social and economic rights of migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, and those with undetermined status) from lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) communities, all in a spirit of solidarity. AGIR works hand-in-hand with concerned individuals, and with lawyers, psychologists, social workers, community workers and actors in various levels of government, both federal and provincial authorities in the fields of immigration, refugee status and citizenship.”

Bureau de la communauté haïtienne de Montréal (Contribué par / contributed by @paulinecams)


“Le BCHM est un organisme communautaire à but non lucratif qui intervient auprès des familles vulnérables, issues des communautés ethnoculturelles du centre de l’île de Montréal, pour qu’elles se sortent de l’isolement et de la pauvreté en favorisant leur réussite sociale.”

Centre Haïtien d’Action Familiale (CHAF) (Contribué par / contributed by @paulinecams)


“Le Centre Haïtien d’Action Familiale (CHAF) est un lieu où les familles haïtiennes de Montréal peuvent trouver des informations leur permettant d’être plus compétentes dans l’exercice de leurs responsabilités éducatives. Elles y trouvent également des références sur les ressources communautaires existantes, pouvant les aider à faire face aux problèmes rencontrés dans le milieu d’accueil. De plus, elles reçoivent des services en fonction de leurs besoins en vue de les aider dans des événements difficiles et dans les situations de crises.”

O3 On Our Own (Contribué par / contributed by @macleansy)


“O3 is a not for profit community organization located on the Benny Farm site in NDG. Our mission is to support young parents in difficulty in the achievement of their goals by providing them with affordable housing and opportunities for personal, educational and parental growth. Through living in an encouraging and community oriented environment, O3 envisions a healthy and stable next generation, one child at a time, one family at a time.”

Librairie Racines (Contribué par / contributed by @oiseauxdefevrier)


“Lieu de rencontres et d’apprentissage, la librairie Racines est située dans Montréal-Nord. Gabriella Kinté y offre depuis 2017 des livres de tout horizon, mais aussi une juste place aux autrices et auteurs racisé.e.s. Loin de ne s’adresser qu’à une clientèle ethnoculturelle, Racines se veut une vitrine représentative de la société, et souhaite promouvoir la diversité dans le paysage littéraire, et dans nos bibliothèques. Au-delà du commerce, Gabriella rêve de bâtir une communauté autour de la lecture, des échanges et des découvertes, car elle est convaincue que les histoires ne se transmettent pas uniquement par le papier.”

The Black Coalition of Quebec / La Ligue des Noirs du Québec


“La Ligue œuvre pour rehausser la conscience morale, le social, la politique et l’économie du Canada. Par ses interventions constantes en faveur des sans voix, des opprimés, des moins favorisés, des laissés-pour-compte, des marginaux et tous ceux qui sont victimes, elle monte au créneau pour dénoncer les injustices et les discriminations du système vicieux.”

*Concerning recent confusion about their lawsuit: https://www.intexto.ca/abandon-du-recours-collectifla-ligue-des-noirs-dement/

Taking What We Need (Contribué par / contributed by @lenore.gabor)


“An informal community group dedicated to helping low income transwomen get what they need through discretionary funding.”

Canadian Resources:

Here is our abbreviated reading list that includes the Canadian Perspective. Have you found these books at independently owned book shops? We would like to add the purchase links to your local bookstore. Our DM information is provided below.

Title  Author Notes
Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice  Jonanthan Osler Infographic – Guide
Policing Black Lives Robyn Maynard Book – Canadian Perspective 
White Fragility  Robin DiAngelo Book + Guide for Group Discussion 
The Skin We’re In Desmond Cole  Book- Canadian Perspective
Black Life: Post Black Lives Matter and The Struggle for Freedom Rinaldo Walcott & Idil Abdillahi  Book
Until We Are Free: Reflections on Black Lives Matter in Canada Rodney Diverlus; Sandy Hudson; and Syrus Marcus Ware Book- Canadian Perspective 
Me and White Supremacy  Layla Saad Book with Discussion
Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? Beverly Daniel Tatum Book
In the Black  B. Denham Jolly Book – Canadian Perspective 
Queer Returns: Essays and Interviews On Multicultural Diaspora and Black Studies  Rinaldo Walcott Book – Canadian Perspective
So you want to talk about Race Ijeoma Oluo Book
The Fire Next Time James Baldwin Book
Excessive Force: Toronto’s Fight to Reform City Policing Alok Mukherjee & Tim Harper Book – Canadian Perspective 
How to be an Antiracist Ibram X. Kendi Book
They Said This Would Be Fun Eternity Martis 
Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race Reni Eddo-Lodge Book
Between The World And Me: Notes on the First 150 Years in America Ta-Nehisi Coates Book
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness Michelle Alexander Book
White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Carol Anderson Book

Fiction Books

Book Author
Frying Plantain Zalika Reid 
The Second Life of Samuel Tyne Esi Edugyan
Half Blood Blue Esi Edugyan
Shut up, you’re pretty Tea Mutonji
Girl, Woman, Other Bernardine Evaristo
Queenie  Candice Carty-Williams
The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead
The Book of Negroes Lawrence Hill

Canadian Organizations

Organizations Location Action
Black Health Alliance  National  Donate, Volunteer
Black Legal Action Centre Ontario Donate
Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19 B.C. Donate
Nia Centre for Arts Ontario Donate
Hogan’s Alley Society  B.C. Donate, Volunteer
Black Space Winnipeg  Sask Donate
The Come Up Alberta Volunteer
Black Women in Motion Ontario Donate
Black Lives Matter Toronto Ontario Donate
Black Lives Matter Vancouver B.C. Donate, Volunteer
Black Youth Helpline National Donate, Volunteer
Justice for Regis N/A Donate
Freedom School Toronto Ontario Support
Federation of Black Canadians  National  Donate
Harriet Tubman Community Organization  Ontario Support
D’Andre A. Campbell  N/A Donate 
Zero Gun Violence Movement Ontario Donate, Volunteer
Black Business and Professional Association National Donate
The Most Nurtured Ontario Donate
Black Mental Health Matters Ontario Donate
Black Boys Code National Donate, Volunteer
CEE – Centre for Young Black Professionals Ontario Donate, Volunteer
Toronto Protester Bail Fund Ontario Donate
TAIBU Community Health Centre Ontario Donate, Volunteer
Justice for Abdirahman Ontario Scholarship
Bolides d’Ottawa Ontario Donate, Volunteer, Scholarship (link is an email)
Action Dignity  Alberta Donate, Resource
Community Wise Resource Centre Alberta Resource
Alberta Assembly of Social Workers Alberta Resource 
YYC Voice Alberta  Resource 
The Black Collation of Quebec  Quebec Resources, Donate
Hoodstock Quebec Resources, Donate, Volunteer 
Head & Hands Quebec Resources
Association of Black Social Workers  Nova Scotia Resources 
DESTA Black Youth Network Quebec Resources, Donate
Health Association of African Canadians  Nova Scotia  Resources 

American Organizations

Organizations Action
Black Liberation Collective Donate
Justice for George Floyd Donate
Justice for Breonna Taylor Donate
Black Lives Matter Global Network Donate
Black Visions Collective Donate
Reclaim The Block Donate
National Bailout Donate
Minnesota Freedom Fund Donate

The aforementioned are NOT exhaustive lists.  We need you to help us make it as complete as possible. 

  1. Do you have more Black Canadian books?
    1. We would love to start curating a list of fiction books as well. Send us your recommendations!
  2. What Canadian Organizations are we missing?

We would like to start adding more organizations that provide support for Black Canadians, scholarship funds/grants/bursaries, for individuals or groups. We would love your help in continuing to build on these lists.

Our aim is to support you in your learning journey and in turn providing you with opportunities to support your Black communities across Canada.

Please DM us on Twitter @RimRK or @MeaghanDerynck. 

BlackMontreal.com Community Associations & Organizations:

(Click link below for email & website)
African and Caribbean Students’ Network of Montreal / Réseau d’Étudiants Africains et Caraïbéens;
 Réseau ACSioN | ACSioN Network Montreal
Website: www.acsion.org
(514) 848-2424, ext. 3530
Office of Umoja Concordia
1455 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Local/Room H-1031-7,
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8
Mission Statement: “To form a more interconnected and self-determined union of Black student organizations, which collaborate to elevate the entire Black community beyond the highest standards of academic, economic, political, and cultural excellence.”
Africans in Montreal
Tel: (514) 284-3322
67 St. Catherine West, Montreal
Afrikania Mission, The
Tel: (514) 481 1075
A spiritual organization that aims at reconstructing and reforming our ancient African spirituality for the divine resurrection of the Universal African family.
Antigua and Barbuda Association of Montreal Inc.
Email: we2second@hotmail.com   
Tel: 450-672-3286
P.O. Box 183
Snowdon Station Montreal
Quebec, H3X 3T4
Barbados House Montreal Inc.
P.O Box 190
Station NDG, Montreal Quebec, H4A 3P5
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Monteal (BBBS)
Phone number: (514) 842-9715
Fax number:
(514) 842-2454
3155 Rue Hochelaga #202, Montréal, QC H1W 1G4
Our Black’N Role Mentoring program pairs a child from the English-speaking Black community with a mentor from the same community,
 the latter acting as a positive adult role model. The purpose of the program is to help young mentees improve their social and personal skills while focusing on their academic success and involvement within the community and school.
We are dedicated to helping children and youths who are faced with personal and socio-economic difficulties, as well as their families. Our agency offers professional mentoring services and an opportunity to acquire and improve personal strengths and interpersonal skills, contributing to a healthier life over the long term.
Black Academic Scholarship Fund (BASF)
Website: www.basfund.ca
Email for scholarship applications and lists of qualifications:  scholarship@basfund.ca
Black Academic Scholarship Fund
3270 Prince Charles
St Hubert, Quebec J3Y 4X4
Non-profit organization since 1991.
Host of the annual Jackie Robinson Golf Tournament.  Awards several annual academic scholarships.
Black Coalition of Quebec
Tel: (514) 489-3830
5201 Décarie
Montreal, QC, H3W 3C2
Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC)
Tel: (514) 342-2247
Fax: (514) 342-2283
6767 Cote des Neiges Rd., Suite # 497, Montreal, QC, H3S 2T6
We recognize that youth have many needs (e.g., socio-cultural, educational, and economic, etc.) that must be addressed in order for youth to achieve their maximum potential in our society.
Black Star Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montreal
Tel: (514) 485-9737
Fax: (514) 485-9737
6870 rue Terrebonne, suite 12
Montreal, QC H4B 1C5
Black Studies Center (BSC)
Tel: (514) 933-0798
3333 Boulevard Cavendish
Suite: 340
Montréal, QC, H4B 2M5
Tel: (514) 573-6047
Fax:(514) 696-6048
BlackMontreal.com is impartially committed to providing current and relevant information about everything in and around Montreal.
Black Theater Workshop
Tel: (514) 932-1104
3680 Jeanne-Mance, suite 432
Montreal, QC
H2X 2K5
(was 1827 St. Catherine St. West # 2, Montreal, QC, H3H 1M2 )
The Mission of Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) is to encourage and promote the development of a Black Canadian theatre, rooted in literature that reflects the creative will of artists.
Black Women On The Rise
Tel: (514) 485-7814
5775 St. Jacques
Support group for mothers 18-30. Tue. & Fri. meetings.
Tel: (514) 935-9008
Fax: (514) 935-9027
603 Atwater Avenue, Suite #202
Montréal, QC H3J 2T8
A non-profit organization that gives a voice to the young black population in Montreal. Our mandate is centered on the representation, protection, sensitization and value of diversity, ethnicity, language, gender, social class and religious issues.
Cameroon Association, Association of Cameroonians in Canada
Website: www.acc-cameroon.com (Dead)
Tel: 1-888-666-8185, ext. 501
Fax: 514-366-9081
C.P. 295, Succ. Centre-Ville
Montreal, QC H3B 3J7
Special interest to Cameroonians and friends in Canada
Caribbean Canadian Youth and Young Adults  (see JeunesseCaraibe Canada below)
Caribbean Pioneer Women of Canada Inc., The
President, Janet Smith,
(514) 488-3716
(514) 744-5216
P.O. Box 51
Snowdon PO
Montreal, Que. H3X 3T3
Tel: (514) 488-3716
Caribbean Students’ Society, McGill University (CSS)
Tel: (514) 398-3001 Ext: 09940
Fax: (514) 398-7490 – You must write “ATTENTION CSS”
3480 McTavish, #409, Montreal, QC, Canada
H3A 1X9
To inform and educate others about the Caribbean, to help students from the Caribbean adjust to McGill University life, and to promote the interests of the students in the society in matters pertaining to the Caribbean.
(N.B.: Members are not exclusively from McGill).
Chantier d’Afrique du Canada
Website: www.chafric.ca
Tel: 514-524-2177
Chantier d’Afrique du Canada oeuvre au développement économique et social de la communauté africaine du Canada. Bourses d’entrepreneurship africain, soutien aux familles, aide à l’intégration des jeunes…
Colored Woman’s Club,The
Tel: (450) 672-7081
3007 Delisle, Montreal, QC, H4C 1M8
Shirley Gyles, President
Concordia Caribbean Students’ Union (CCSU)
(514) 848-2424 Ext: 3527
Concordia Caribbean Students Union
c/o Concordia Students Union
Concordia University
Room H 733-3
1455 de Maisonneuve West
H3G 1M8
Montreal, Quebec
provides an avenue for newly immigrated students to express their Culture, socialize with a familiar group of students and facilitate their transition to the Montreal and Concordia University Community. We welcome a diversity of students from all ethnic backgrounds, for as
we all know that the Caribbean is a melting pot for people: Out of many, one people.
Congress of Black Lawyers and Jurists of Quebec
Tel: (514) 954-3471
445 St. Laurent Blvd., 5th. floor, Montreal, QC, H3S 2B8
Congress of Black Women, Montreal Chapter
Tel: (514) 426-4439
128 Crestview, Pointe Claire, QC, H9R 4A1
Cote des Neiges Black Community Association (CDNBCA)
Tel: (514) 737-8321
Fax: (514) 737-6993
6999 Cote des Neiges Rd., 2nd. floor, Montreal, Que.
H3S 2B8
Council for Black Aging (CBAC)
Tel: (514) 935-4951
(514) 935-4951
Fax: 514-935-8466
7401 Newman suite 6, Lasalle, Quebec, H8N 1X3
Advocacy group for Black Seniors
Garvey Institute
Tel: (514) 855-1425
1605, rue Decelles, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 2E5
Our services are primarily educational and we have the only Black managed and owned Ministry of Education approved primary school (Pre-School through to grade 6. Our highschool soon to come) in Québec. Also note that we do offer scholarships and educational counseling.
Ghana House 2000 Inc.
Are you a Ghanaian living in Quebec? The Council of Ghanaian Community of Quebec needs your support in the efforts to building a strong and unified community organization.
Tel: (514) 906-2663 or
         (514) 865-2216
765 Jean Talon West
Montreal, QC, H3N 1S3
Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal (GCAM)
Website: www.gcaom.org
(450) 445-0747
P.O. Box 294, St. Hubert, Quebec J3Y 5T3
P.O. Box 59, Succ. Cartierville, St. Laurent, Que., H4R 2V7
Hawks Fraternal International Club Inc., Montreal Chapter
Tel: (514) 365-8668
1443 Maurice Street, Lasalle, Quebec, H8N 1P7
International African Inventors Museum (IAIM)
(dead link)
Tel:  416 839 2442 (voice mail in Toronto, Canada
 001127710165592 Cell phone, Benoni, South Africa
Profiles some African Canadians in Innovation.
Jamaica Association of Montreal
Tel: (514) 737-8229
Fax: (514) 737-4861
4065 Jean Talon West, Montreal. Que., H4P 1W6
Jamaican (Ottawa) Community Association Inc.
Website : Click here  (dead link)
Tel: 613-523-9085
1200 St Laurent Blvd
PO Box 42016 St Laurent
K1K 4L8
Jeunesse Caraibe Canada
Tel: (514) 685-7294
19 Rue Tremayne, Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, H9B 1J2
Goal is to create unity between youths and young adults. Click here for flyer with more information.
Lachine Black Community Association
Tel: (514) 634-9449 or
         (514) 634-1862
PO Box 34042, Lachine, QC, H8S 4H4
Lasalle Black Community Association
Tel: (514) 364-2212
Fax: (514) 364-7234
65, 90th. Avenue, Lasalle, QC, H8R 2Z3
Lasalle Multicultural Resource Center, LMRC
(514) 367-3383
1464 Shevchenko Blvd.
LaSalle, Que.  H8N 1P1
We are a non-profit organization.  All of our services are FREE.  We started as a result of many children been subjected to the Department of Youth Protection.  Our mandate is intervention and prevention, counselling families and children, we also have a seniors program and teen and pre-teen programs.  
Mathieu DaCosta Business Development Corporation
Tel: (514) 344-6672
5056 Cote des Neiges Rd, # 402, Montreal, QC, H3V 1G6
Business loans
Montreal Association of Black Business Persons and Professionals (MABBP)
(Name changed. See Black Academic Scholarship Fund, BASF)
Montreal Caribbean Social Organization (MCSO)
Tel: (514) 364-5113
7401 Newman Boulevard, Lassale, Quebec,  H8N 1X3,
Montreal Carnival Vibration (MCV)
Tel: (514) 279-7997
5533 Casgrain, Suite 105, Montreal, QC,  H2T 1X3
A non-profit organization that promotes and hosts carnival events under the umbrella of the Caribbean Cultural Festivities Association (CCFA)
N.D.G. Black Community Association (NDGBCA)
  * Phone number not in service Aug. 2012
Tel: (514) 481-3598
3757 Prudhomme, Montreal, QC, H4A 3H8
Negro Community Centre (NCC)
* Building is temporarily closed. See below*
Tel: (514) 932-1107
2035 Coursol, Montreal, Que., H3J 1C3
NCC/Charles H. Este Cultural Centre
website: www.nccmontreal.org (dead link)
Tel. 450-672-7081 Fax. 450-465-0853
c/o 855 Georges Vanier, #01
Montreal, QC
H3J 2B5
Nigerian Canadian Association of Montreal, Quebec
Website: http://www.ncamontreal.org (inactive website)
382 Lafleur Ave, Suite 50, Lasalle, Quebec, H8R 3H6
The Association needs all Nigerians living in the Province of Quebec. Come and participate in getting all Nigerians together to build a strong, united Nigerian Community.
Montreal Pan-Black Events
3680 Rue Jeanne-Mance #412,
Montréal, QC H2X 2K5
Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S
Support Pan-Black Culture and Identity Defining Montreal Events
Pioneer Women of Canada Inc.
See “Caribbean Pioneer Women of Canada Inc., The”
Quebec Black Medical Association
Tel: (514) 937-8432
1822 Sherbrooke St. # 101, Montreal, QC, H3H 1E4
Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE)
Website: www.qbbe.org  (dead link)
Tel: (514) 481-9400
Fax: (514) 481- 0611
3333 Cavendish Blvd. # 310, Montreal, Que., H4B 2M5
Roots Cultural Association
Tel: (514) 884-0488
5412 Terrasse Beaudry, St. Hubert, Quebec, J3Y 6L3
A non-profit organization promotingthe Caribbean Carnival in Montreal since 1977
South Shore Black Community Association (SSBCA)
Contact person:
Judith Austin, President
725 Provencher,
Brossard, QC, J4W 1Y5
450-465-1506 (Office)
SSBCA is a charitable and non-profit community association which provides cultural, educational, recreational and social services to the South Shore Black Community
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association
Tel: (514) 747-1350
PO Box 396, Stn. Snowdon, QC, H3X 3T3
Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship (UIBE)
Website: www.uibe.ca
Tel: (514) 737-8321 ext. 233
6999 Cote-des-Neiges Road 2nd Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3S 2B8
Promotes entrepreneurship within the English-Black speaking community and to provide support, information, and training in entrepreneurship to potential and existing business owners of all ages.
Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.)
Tel: (514) 846-0049
2741 Notre Dame Street West
Montreal, Que., H3J 1N9
Reception Hall available for rental. Adequate parking available across the street
West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA)
Website: www.wibca.org
Tel: (514) 683-3925
Fax:(514) 683-7649
48C, 4th. Avenue South, Roxboro, Que., H8Y 2M2
Serving the community of the West Island of Montreal and environs
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