Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t come to fruition.

Our plan this week was to reunite my cohosts Inés Anaya, Chris Venditto and Lawrence Corber so that we could have a roundtable catchup discussion and come up with a few new questions for our “5 Questions” segment. The plan even involved Lawrence taking the train from Missassauga into Toronto (armed with a USB microphone that I lent him over the weekend) to go to Inés’ house for better sound quality. It was a perfect plan spanning two provinces.

Alas – it was not meant to be. Due to a vetrinary medical emergency we had to scramble for a backup plan. Lawrence could only record from his phone (which is why he sounds like he is recording from a phone) and we were missing a co-host. So we did what we always do: talk about wrestling.

A lot has happened in wrestling over the last few weeks (do not look up why Vince McMahon is a bad man and just trust me that he is) but we decide to focus on actual in-ring discussions. If you want our hot-takes on the Vince McMahon allegations we will set up a very expense Patreon paywall because we don’t want to talk about it (but obviously will if you pay us a bunch of money, let’s not kid ourselves).

Credit Where Credit is Due


As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

Chris Venditto is another funny person in Montreal who you can see all over the place and if you don’t want to miss him take the stage you should follow him on all the socials. He’s @chrisvenditto on Twitter and Instagram so you should follow him on those two things. He also produces shows with the guys at Perfect Bite Productions who you should also follow on Instagram and on Facebook.

Keith does all sorts of things here on, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and sometimes blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.

Lawrence Corber also produces some shows you may have heard of (you should probably check out the next Healthy Living show when you get a chance) and if you’re close with him you can call him Lully. The other way to call him “Lully” is to follow him on his socials. @Lully514 on Instagram.