Tyler Lemco could be the next mayor of Montreal. Hey, if a reality TV star can become President of the United States, why can’t a YouTube star become mayor of a city? It’s just that easy guys. Follow your bliss. If you don’t know Tyler, you probably don’t spend countless hours wathcing YouTube videos, where he initially made a name for himself on a little show about a certain time for eating meals that may or may not have been epic. Since then Tyler has branched out on his own as a famous internet type. And now, he’s running for mayor.

Seriously. Like, there’s an article in the Montreal Gazette guys. That is LEGIT.

We cut straight to the big issues on this one, like, how he intends to beat the DollarCinema guy.gpys140

Stay up to date on Tyler’s mayoral candidacy by following him on social media:
Twitter: @tlemco
Facebook: @tlemco and @TylerForMayor
And of course, in his home turf of Youtube.

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