Where a great big axe gets a wonderful name. This is Part 2 of “Brubax and the Abominable Snowman”.

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Keith (me, Jim Clocks) is writing this bad boy up this week,  I’ll be in black, Jon (our DM) is in blue, and Eric has a few cents to chip in, he will be in red.

Obviously it might be a good idea to check out Part 1 of this adventure. Where were we? Oh right.

Upon entering into one of the side rooms of the tomb, there was some kind of a grooved floor and hand holds that were clearly Goliath height. Brubax hems and haws some more about what to do so Jaxxo just gives it his Lizardman Best and fails miserably. Brubax finally mans up and goes for it and with a Strength check of over 20 manages to drag the entire room revealing a tomb.

What was the backup plan if Brubax failed the test of strength?

No axe.  No point to challenges if there is no cost to failure.  

An Axe By Any Other Name

Sitting within the tomb atop a stone throne was a massive Goliath skeleton clutching an enormous axe of bad-assitude. The disruption of the entrance caused the skeleton’s head to tilt and the hilt of the axe shifted and angled towards our emo Barbarian. Calling to him.

Almost reluctantly the Goliath took a hold of the axe. It was once named “The Obsidian Divide” and now, it is his. Pressed to name it by the petulant Rogue he internally botches his “name axe” roll and proclaims:

“I shall call it… Sharon.”

That’s now canon. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…