Even more important (in the grander sense) than our new comic being out is the fact that we’re raising money for men’s health. We’re doing it with our faces. Well… some of us are doing it with our faces. Jon is a little behind in the whole “growing hair on your face thing” and Sophie… well… Sophie has her own idea for Movember.

I feel like I could just stop writing there, that I’ve said enough. I’ll keep going though, it’s what I do.

This strip is the first of our new ongoing strip 9to5 (illustrated 2.0), you might notice we’re no longer recycling art. Things you may not notice is the fact that we actually get together and write dialogue for these strips. We’ll still be sticking to Tuesdays and Thursday, so no need to adjust your VCRs.

I really need to talk to the others about what I’m allowed to do with these blogs, in the Classic strips I would use this space to explain what was usually an inside joke, now though, the jokes are going to (hopefully) be easily consumed. I’ll probably use this space to highlight the general goings ons of the site. We’ll see. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out our 100 posts in 100 days article to see what you’ve been missing these past 3 months.

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