The Montreal podcast that would definitely flaunt a 5 million dollar Pokemon card at Wrestlemania is back with all of the hottest takes on geek and pop-culture.


It was Wrestlemania this past weekend which is the time of year where WWE tries its damnedest to gain wider cultural relevance than usual. The powers that be (aka Vince McMahon) will bend over backwards to try to get casual fans to tune in to the “Showcase of the Immortals” to watch pro wrestling. This year was no different featuring our beloved boys from Jackass and Logan Paul flaunting a 5 million dollar Pokemon card.


Let that sink in for a second, because that’s a lot to take in. That there is a Pokemon card worth over $5M USD. That Logan Paul owns it. That he wore it around his neck like bling at Wrestlemania.


More proof that we live in the dumbest timeline I guess.


Speaking of the dumbest timeline: we devote some time to talking about ‘The Slap” because this is a pop-culture show and one of the biggest celebrities slapping a comedian at The Oscars is the poppiest of pop-culture.


Was Big Willy freaking out on human growth hormones? We will certainly at least speculatethat he might be.


Meanwhile, on this this week’s episode of Garbage Time we get into some of the insane stories surrounding pre-production of Mad Max: Fury Road and we lament whether or not Wesley Snipes’ Blade is directly responsible for the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Show your support, subscriber and check out Garbage Time by subscribing on our Patreon page at the 9ES Deluxe tier.


Credit Where Credit is Due

Our intro song is a brand new jam cooked up by OKU-DA just for us, do yourself a favour and check out his SoundCloud).

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