The Montreal geek and pop culture podcast that isn’t quite done with Halloween yet talks about spooky stuff for another episode. You know, spooky stuff like the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Google?

The Google antitrust stuff is interesting. Whenever Google (or Amazon… or Facebook… or Apple) get outed for doing sketchy shit I think most of us see it coming from a mile away. Oh, Google has been manipulating the entirety of advertising on the internet for years? Tell me something I don’t know. It’s kind of sad that it only really becomes newsworthy when someone tries to call them to task.

Jono does a pretty good job of breaking down exactly what Google was up to but this story is far from over.

We recorded this episode on November 1st which meant that most of our movie watching for the last two weeks was dominated by films for the so-called “Spooky Season”. From classics like The Thing and Psycho to new releases like Werewolf Within and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.

Also, kids should be allowed to run around screaming on Halloween. If 20,000 people are allowed to go to the Bell Center and scream at men on skates a few times a week then kids can get their scream on when they’re jacked up on candy. There, I said it.

Due to some technical difficulties on our part we weren’t able to record the normal episode of Garbage Time this week. Instead we re-posted a classic episode of “9to5 Movie Club” where we watched the film Naked Weapon. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s great. And you are a Patron and want more Movie Club content, do let us know. Check out our Patreon Page and subscribe to the 9ES Deluxe level tier. You will love it.

Credit Where Credit is Due

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