Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful


We have a very special treat for you today.  We’re starting a new feature for the site, a definitive list of the greatest films of all time as selected by us, and we’re taking a whole episode of the podcast to start the list off with a bang.  The format is fairly simple.  Start with one film.  In the case of our list, we start with Mortdecai.  That’s now the list.  Then we consider another film, say, John Wick.  Is John Wick a better film than Mordecai?  It is.  It is therefore placed above Mortdecai on the list.  Every time we bring up a film in the podcast, or whenever we feel like it, we will continue to organically grow the list until it is complete or the universe ends in heat death.  Or possibly we get bored and abandon the project.  Who can predict the future in the vicissitudes of possibility?

Not I.

Regardless, we need to offer kind thanks to Cris Sims and Matt Wilson of War Rocket Ajax who began a similar (and original) list with regards to comics, and from whom we stole this idea.  Thanks boys!

Finally, the list will be added to the bar at the top so you can easily reference which are, and are not, the greatest films of all time.  Joy!