Phil and I both checked out this movie last night, so we decided to a combined review. His & Hers type of deal. We have very different perspectives, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to read both!

Sophie’s Take

One of the most exciting films to be featured in Fantasia 2015 was Turbo Kid. A post-apocalyptic gore film that seemed regurgitated from the 80s. It was awesome, and it had Michael Ironside, and everyone was cheering. So when I heard the same film company, RKSS, was releasing another feature length film this year, I was psyched.

After watching the trailer, I was expecting a glorious throw back in the nostalgia of the 80s. The life as a teen type of nostalgia, not the pop culture references kind. Sure there were a couple of head nods, but they made sense in the contexts and was clearly not a sponsored insert. Overall, I got exactly what I wanted. It was perfect. Keep in mind that I watch these film from an emotional point of view, rather than technical. For the most part anyways. So here’s a bit of a breakdown, spoiler free of course.

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