The Montreal podcast that asks The Peers: What is your favorite biopic? (Because Tranna Wintour wanted to know).

Two of The Peers (Rahul & Kate) join Walter and Keith… wait… that’s not Walter! That’s Sarah! That’s right, my wife stepped in for this episode of Go Plug Yourself!

Rahul and Kate talk about the television show Lost, how Shakespeare is everywhere and also just maybe having sex with a fire alien. The Peers will be bringing their rapid fire take on all (that’s right, ALL) of The Bard’s works at Toronto Fringe starting next week, so if you’re in Toronto, be sure to check them out.  Opening night is July 3rd at 9:30 pm at Annex Theatre, 730 Bathurst Street, Toronto.   Tickets and more showtimes here.

Also, how great is it that Rahul and Kate happened to be standing with each other in their promotional material? Worked out great for me anyways. Enjoy the show!

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

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