So I’ve been on vacation for the past couple of weeks. For the first week, my wife Marisa and I took our son on a beach vacation in Cuba, which was lovely. This past week, I’ve taken the time to go through a few of my comic books. Well, a few thousand of my comic books. This was a preliminary attempt to organize and sort some of my collection. I probably sifted through about a third of my collection over three days, sorting and arranging about 6 or 7 long boxes.

It was very gratifying, and I feel accomplished. I put together a lot of complete runs of books that had been scattered in different boxes, and found a few hidden or lost gems.

But I also found a lot of straight up crazy comics. Stuff that I have little recollection of purchasing, and yet, they are here in my house.

I present to you now some of the more crazy comics I have found that I own.

Geronimo: Last Apache Warrior

I have no idea about this book. It’s a trade paperback, and I’ve no memory of ever seeing it before. I think someone snuck it into my house.

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