You know, as much as we love having “the little guy” on our show to give them some exposure, plug their thing, get the word out, etc it’s also always kind of a treat to book someone who you grew up watching. This is one of those times. Phil Guerrerro (much better known as “PJ Phil”) was a fixture of my childhood on YTV, not only as the host of “The Zone” (the afternoon block of cartoons that played after school) but also one of the creative forces behind “The Antigravity Room” which was a show about comics back before there were shows about comics. It was like the prototype of every comic book-centric webshow on Youtube. Seriously.

Anyways, Phil came on the show, poured himself some vodka, and proceeded to share a bunch of stories about playing in a band, life after being a PJ, the thrills of Dark Nights and becoming a stylist in Hollywood (yep). He also talks about PJ Paul’s junk.gpys-115 phil guerrero

Keep up with Phil on social media:
Facebook and @pjfreshphil on Twitter.
And be sure to check out his upcoming webseries on Sessions X “The Velvet Ropeline”

Oh, and here’s a photo of him in that jacket that we talk about.

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!