It is tiiiime for the fourth edition of this nonsense!

This week I have selected a beer that has zero appeal to me, purely for variety`s sake. The name of the brewery is less than appetizing to me, and their best seller is, as far as I can tell, their IPA. Double bleh. Let`s see how this goes!

Beer: Citra Weisse

Brewer: Microbrasserie Le Castor

Wheat beer, 5%, and organic. Ooooooh.

Bought it because I want to expand my horizons.

This is my dog Bubbles. I thought she`d make the photo more interesting.

The colour is super pale. It looks like bleached atomic gold. Or, you know, lemonade if you prefer realistic comparisons.

It smells super citrussy and also a bit hoppy. The scent is making me suspicious… it smells way to refreshing for what I expect it to taste like.

Arg. Ok yeah I really don`t like white beers. This has all the sour lemony faces you can cram into one sip. The label says it has aromas of banana, clove and bubblegum. I call bullshit. Although I do have a ridiculously almost not there aftertaste of banana, but not like the fruit. I mean like those 0.35$ popcycles you get at the dep banana. The hoppy taste is just too overwhelming for me to notice anything beyond that.

I don`t like it 🙁   I hate doing negative reviews, I feel all dirty. I almost feel like picking up a different one tonight, just so I can do a nice one to wash away the bad.


If you`re into hoppy, citrussy white beers, I guess you might like this?


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)