Hey! I guess this is a special week for all you out there in 9to5 (dot cc) land, why? Well, this week you get to enjoy two comics! You get to enjoy the comic you see right up there and you also get to enjoy our fun little Fantasia promo strip that we whipped up since we’re covering the festival in great detail (in podcast form) for the next few weeks. Two strips for the price of one! That price? Cheap as free as always my friends (please buy our stuff, or buy stuff from our sponsors). That was shameless. Now I feel dirty.

Ok, so this is another little story arch about the 9to5 crew, this time it looks like we’re heading to Heavy MTL (although here we refer to it as “Metal Fest”, presumably so we don’t need to change the art around when we get all famous and start printing books of the strip). This was a series of comics written by the big man in the house: Scott. I think of it as a way for him to finally come to terms with the fact that he idolizes Fred Durst in a big, big way.

The coolest part about this strip? The perfect timing that we have. You see, the story will run for 4 weeks, putting Heavy MTL right in between the 3rd and the 4th strip. We didn’t even plan that, it just happened. Serendipitous bitches. Serendipitous.

Just in case you’re wondering about those lyrics in panel 3, it’s the non-chorus part of “Nookie” by Limp Bizkit. If you can’t recognize them then good for you, it means you haven’t soiled your ears by listening to too much Limp Bizkit.

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