The Montreal based geek and pop culture podcast that loves driving trucks and playing women’s hockey is back with episode 254. Oh hey, the Olympics are happening.


(For the record, we do neither of those two things).


If I could go on a tangent for a moment here (and despite Jon posting, this is Keith writing) I would like to re-iterate how much fun I have recording these dumb podcasts.


Work has been especially trying for me these last few weeks, so trying in fact that even though it has been less than 48 hours since we recorded this episode, I am struggling to remember what we really talked about. Work has just been draining me of a lot of energy but I remember having a pretty great time recording this thing with Jon and Scott.


Good thing we take notes, eh?


Jon is actively participating in the current Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup v.028 Tournament so you know we got that good-good DCSS content that you crave.


So Jon is playing DCSS which launched in 2006 but is still actively updated even though it looks like it is from the 90s, Keith is playing Return of the Obra Dinn which is a video game from 2018 that looks like it was made in the 80s and Scott is playing Secret of Mana which is actually from 1993.


Video games are cool.


We are from Montreal so we talk about hockey in the form of the Canadian Women’s Olympic team and the NHL Skills Competition and we probably talk more about the dumb trucker convoy than we should.


This week’s episode of Garbage Time is all about sci-fi television, with Scott finally finishing off Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop series and Keith finishing Season 1 of Raised by Wolves. Check it out over on our Patreon page at the 9ES Deluxe tier.


Credit Where Credit is Due

Our intro song is a brand new jam cooked up by OKU-DA just for us, do yourself a favour and check out his SoundCloud).