Where our heroes, now capable of Spelljamming, encounter some Doppelgangers.

An adventure starring Jaxxo the Lizardfolk Monk, Jim Clocks the Half-Aquatic Elf Rogue and L’Eau D’ur the Genasi Warlock.

I’m in black and Jon (the DM) is in blue.

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So the boys find themselves flying along a deep red strand of the phlogiston and upon exiting jamspace they see a system that features a planet orbiting around a bright green sun.

The only real place to go seems to be a planet that seems to feature a big giant tooth protruding up out of lush green planet. Spelljammer, you know?

We park the Space Whale at the port of a city that seems to be built on the upper surface of the tooth. The name of the town? Toothtown.

You’re spoiling us Jon.

Spelljammer is supposed to be weird.  I wanted a 80s cartoon sci-fi Mad Max vibe for some of this.  Was it actually an enormous tooth? Or was it marble cliffs that just really looked like it?

Having nothing better to do and having not seen a city like this in weeks or months, Jaxxo, Jim and L’eau D’ur decide to take in the sights of this strange city.

Welcome to Toothtown

Toothtown seems to be largely dominated by some of the more evil races that are prevalent in Spelljammer. I will let Jon tell you about these species because honestly I don’t have nearly the same familiarity with D&D races as he does.

Ain’t a big deal.  You guys had bumped into mostly good races so far, and I wanted a toothier feel to Toothtown.

As a result, there seems to be quite the lively slave trade here. That’s fun. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…