Walter has been hinting to this for the past several episodes (listening to Go Plug Yourself is a lot like watching True Detective) so if you haven’t put it together yet this is the big reveal. Comedy Works as you knew it on 1238 Bishop St is re-opening under new management! Walter and Mike are working at filling up the bookings and Ian is going to be the General Manager. This is all pretty exciting. There’s a lot of confusing redirects and old websites swinging around the internet right now but if you’re interested in finding out what shows are coming up at the Comedy Works on Bishop street you need to check out That’s pretty much the best way to figure out what’s up right now. We talk about the ‘Works, meats, and the great comedy acts coming up in the next few months that kicks off Thursday February 5th.worksback

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Comedy Works re-opens at 1238 Bishop St on February 5th with Massimo (Just For Laughs, on Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State and 2014’s blockbuster film X-Men: Days of Future Past) Morgan O’Shea (JFL’s Homegrown Competition 2014), Peter Radomski (JFL, Daily Show), Scott Carter, Emma Wilkie (Feb. 5), Chris Sandiford (Feb. 6 – early show), Jacob Greco (Feb. 6 – late show), Mike Carrozza (Feb. 7 – early show) and Jakub Stachurski (Feb. 7 – late show).