Hey guess what everyone? After the rain in the morning the rest of the day was sunny and beautiful! (Except for when Muse took the stage it rained for about 10-15 minutes.) I was right! I was right!

Day 2 of Osheaga was primed to be amazing, with the sun in the sky and everyone ready to forget about the scattered showers of yesterday.

Sarah picked up two cans of Bacardi Oakheart and we discovered that it was not very good. That’s what we get for trying new things. Their “spiced rum ginger ale” had a messed up after taste and as it got warm it got borderline undrinkable.DSC_0965

I take it back about trying new things though, a local Montreal band I have just discovered called Men I Trust took to the Tree Stage and put on a great set that was the perfect way to start the day. Despite some technical difficulties (that would seem to plague the whole festival throughout the day) that maybe cut their set short by a song or two, their mellow electronic sounds helped take some of the sting away from those cans of Oakheart. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…