Mad_Men_Season_7,_Promotional_PosterOnce again, I was really counting on having a Loot Crate to write about this week, however I have yet to receive it. That’s a whole other frustration in itself, but I digress.

Instead I shall treat you to yet another list of things that prove that I am absolutely terrible at getting things done.

Yesterday I took the day off to recoup from my announcing duties this past weekend at Beast of the East. Other than doing laundry, the day was more or less a wash in terms of productivity. So far we’ve talked about playing video games and reading books and ending up reading twitter and playing cell phone games. On a day like yesterday I was looking to be a lot more passive. So today we’re talking about the most passive of all activities: watching stuff.

What I should be watching: Mad Men ↓ Read the rest of this entry…