tyler lemco kayla de leon

The Montreal podcast that asks the host of “11:11 Make a Wish” Kayla de Leon and Tyler Lemco: If you were a spicy mayonnaise, what would you be? (Asked by Amy Blackmore back in episode 229).

Tyler Lemco and Kayla De Leon are two of the funniest people in Montreal. So it’s only fitting that they now have a podcast together. It’s called “11:11 Make a Wish” and you guessed it, they have guests on and talk about wishes. Check them out on Instagram @makeawishpodcast and get all the hot links on their LinkTree.

We talk about Big Brother Canada, jury duty, running for mayor and Tyler provides one of the grossest answers to one of our 5 Questions.

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Enjoy the show!

tyler lemco kayla de leon

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