The Montreal podcast that asks Jason Grimmer and Jess Fildes (of Terrors of Misery’s Grove): “Deep Space or Deep Sea?” – asked by the most electrifying man in Montreal entertainment: Mike Paterson.

We had Jason Grimmer on the show before talking about the injustices facing Montreal record shops back before that pesky pandemic – but this time we’ve got him talking about his other passion: improv. Pretty sure we talked about improv last time too, just roll with me here.

Jason Grimmer and Jess Fildes are taking on the unenviable task of mixing a veritable witches brew of improvisation, horror and podcasting in their latest endeavor: The Terrors of Misery’s Grove. Taking the form of an improvised folk-horror radio play that will be performed live in front of audience (the first episode is TONIGHT: October 27th at Variations Mile End) and then transforming it into a podcast to live on forever… on the internet!

We talk with Jason and Jess about developing the show, the challenges of improvising horror and of course a million other things (mostly horror related in spite of Inés’ attempts to the contrary) because this is the show that it is.

Inés Anaya steps in on co-hosting duties once again (how many more does she got left folks?) and we have a jolly good time recording this one at the back of our home away from home: Grumpy’s.

The Terrors of Misery’s Grove debuts October 27th at Variations Mile End, 5337 Saint Laurent Blvd. Find the podcast wherever you find podcasts.

Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

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