Here's a spoiler, he's NOT the victim.

Here’s a spoiler, he’s NOT the victim.

So last night Jon and I headed out to watch Michael Biehn’s “The Victim” in our ongoing efforts to watch at least one movie a day for the duration of this year’s Fantasia Festival. So we did. Then we stuck around for the Q&A. Then we headed back to Jono’s place to record our daily podcast. Then we recorded it. You may have already noticed that you’re reading this and not listening to it. That’s because for some fucked up reason the audio from last night’s recording just doesn’t exist. The sound files are there, but they’re empty. So there is no “9to5 Goes to Fantasia” podcast today. However, I’m gonna write up a little review of the film anyhow, since I love you all very much. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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