Where our heroes are in the caves of the Underdark, fighting driders and losing party members down big old mushroom holes. And also, a Triton tries to get it on with a Drow Matriarch. It’s Part 2 of “The Time The Triton Seduced The Drow Matriarch”.

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We mix things up a little bit this week since one of our player’s Eric will be taking the helm of the storytelling. He’ll be in black, Jon (our DM) is in blue, and if I’ve got anything more to say, I’ll be in red.

Where Were We?

Oh right, the Bard had fallen into a D&D Sarlacc Pit. Waiting for him at the bottom of the pit? An unspeakable sight!

This became an unexpected boon as he polymorphed the vicious hook horror that waited to ambush him, and then discovered a magic wand. The rest of his companions disposed of the third drider. Jim proudly proclaiming that he had struck the killing blow on each of the driders.

While they figured out how to rescue him, Giddeon pulled himself out of the pit.

God dammit you’re lucky Giddeon. Woad just told us not to run in there, I gave up equipment to know that.

That was a new Lightning Round.  Side quest in the middle of combat.  Typed-up Choose Your Own Adventure where you have to make a decision and test every round of combat while your party is off on the side.  Possible outcomes include death and the wand he picked up.

Jim cut off the drider heads as trophies and the party noticed bizarre spiders watching them. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…