12670144_1162836113736957_1319836145749641920_nFor better or worse (and let’s be real, it’s likely for worse), hip hop on the whole is a largely male dominated musical genre. That’s not to say the genre hasn’t had its standout female performers, but the reality is that the majority of the artists are men.

Which makes Montreal’s female hip hop duo “Heartstreets” even more of a standout.

Bringing together bits and pieces of late 90’s hip hop with more modern melodic flows and synthy beats, Heartstreets deliver a brand of hip hop that is undoubtedly unique.

Heartstreets are Emma Beko and Gab Godon and they’ll be bringing their unique vision to Osheaga.

They were kind enough to answer a few questions as we gear up to this weekend’s festivities:

Keith: You’ve played at Montrel Jazz Fest, Pop Montreal and now Osheaga. How important is it to call Montreal home as up and coming musicians?

Gab: In my opinion, having played on these different stages brings us a great sense of belonging and if one day we get to be propelled on the international scene, Montreal will be etched forever on our heart. The city constantly contributes to our accomplishments and really supports us, as it does with all its local artists.

Emma: It’s always important to have somewhere to call home and Montréal is definitely a very warm and welcoming city. There’s also so much talent here that keeps us inspired and motivated! ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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