wolverineI remember there was a line of dialogue in the first X-Men movie. It was just after the entire team had suited up for the first time in those leather costumes that basically became the “look” of the team in the movies and Wolverine makes some crack about their costumes. One of the characters, I think it was Cyclops, quips something along the lines of “would you prefer yellow spandex?”. An obvious crack at the fact that one of Marvel’s biggest baddasses, Wolverine, wears yellow spandex in the comic. A lot of people took issue with the costumed X-Men all donning similar black outfits in the movies but let’s face it, the producers were probably in the right to change up the costume. In a big budget action movie that’s trying to take itself at least a little seriously would Hugh Jackman in yellow spandex really be what you wanted to see in the climactic showdown with Magneto? It’d be a little weird to say the least. It seems that basically any time they redesign a character, especially when that character comes from an existing universe, creators get some flack. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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