The Montreal podcast that knew deep down the Leafs would blow it returns to bring you musings upon the world of sport, television and comic books.
Disclaimer: This podcast was recorded a day before Game 7 of the Habs vs Leafs Playoffs series, we moved the recording date so that we could watch said game and boy did it not disappoint.
Also, there is a point of contention here about the over/under on the mob attendance downtown following the Habs victory. The word “riot” gets tossed around, and there certainly was not a riot. So in that sense Scott has the edge, however, I make the statement “there are more than 100 people on Sainte Catherine street if the Habs win” and in that sense, I was also right.
I guess it shouldn’t surprise you that in a podcast where we have spent over 200 episodes being so very right about so very many things we would find a way for both of us to be right.
We also catch up on Raised By Wolves, Ridley Scott sure loves himself some androids, the Sony store, Spiderman comics and Amazon Prime’s “Invincible.”
Get it while the getting is good.

Enjoy the show!





























The bed music during our advertising is an old loop by OKU-DA and our intro song is a brand new jam he cooked up just for us (note: both songs do not really reflect his usual style, but do yourself a favour and check out his SoundCloud.