This means I am about to die. Or probably that I’m already dead.

Last week I wrote at length about how bad I was at wasting time by reading. I think it’s often most difficult to be a geek due to the large amount of distractions that are catered almost directly to our interests. A good example of this would be to just take a look at the Wikipedia page on the topic of Jedis. That’s the official Wikipedia page. That’s not a fan page or something. If I was so inclined I’m pretty sure I could spend the rest of the day just reading about Jedis. That’s not necessarily true of say, Dawson’s Creek. Anyways, I digress. Instead of sitting down and working on the site one of the biggest lures for my attention is of course, video games.

In some degree or another every geek has set out to do something productive and wound up wiling away their time playing video games. There’s something incredibly alluring about not being a passive participant in your entertainment. In fact, I know a certain member of a local punk rock band who recently got rid of his PS3 for next to nothing just because he made the decision to be more creative instead of killing bad guys by the hundreds or badly beating everybody at NBA Jam.  That’s probably not a bad idea. Not for me though, I just bought a PS4 and I already own a PS Vita (to say nothing of the Wii and PS3 that are still hooked up, or the Dreamcast and PS2 that are packed up in the closet, or the 2 PSPs that are lying around, and the Gameboy Advance in that drawer over there).

“Yeah, this podcast needs editing, but I am just going to play a little _________ for a bit.”

Same as before, what game should I play? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…