I absolutely love drag makeup. It is crazy, over the top, larger than life, and insanely creative. Even more so when it comes to Club Kid Drag makeup, it is next level in-your-face, and creative on a whole nother level 😀

Alex Padowicz suggest I do this makeup. I was so down.

Here is the results along with inspirations, followed by what I used.


Venetian mask of Pierrot


I’ve never glued down my eyebrows before, but from what I know, the most effective way to do it is with a glue stick. Sadly, I had none, and it was raining outside so I decided to try a very thick hair gel instead. I used several layers, but it didn’t give the best result. It was alright for a first attempt.


I decided to create a sort of Pierrot look, I have no idea why but his face had been stuck in my head for a bit. If you don’t know Pierrot, he is a character from a late 17th century French pantomime called Comédie Italienne. Essentially, he is a sad clown and it’s a french thing 😛

For the white base, I used my trusty Vibe European Body Art airbrush makeup in plain white. I wanted to avoid disturbing my brows as much as possible, seemed logical.

For the creepy yellow tones, which I doubled for contouring, I used my Kat Von D Shade & Light palette yet again, this time in the medium brown tone. It has a yellowy quality to it that I liked. I highlighted with a pearly white OCC loose powder, it had stunning blue tint reflections and I am so sad they didn’t pop in the photo. That’s what I get for not having proper lighting. For the rosy cheeks, generic pink blush with shimmer.

For the eyes and all the black details, I am ashamed to say I used Walmart purchase cheap-o Halloween tube makeup. I felt so dirty, but I couldn’t find my Makeup Forever one so bleh. I set the black on the lids with black eye-shadow from MAC, otherwise that shit would have creased like a mofo. It did the job.

Lips were largely overdrawn and reshaped using NYX Liquid Suede- Cherry Skies, and then outlined with Shadowsense – Onyx. The cheap black paint wasn’t smooth enough to get a proper lip line so I broke out the fancy shit, and before you ask why I didn’t just use that for all the black detail, it’s because it’s kinda pricey and I don’t wanna waste it’s long-lasting magic on a makeup I’ll have on for the time it takes to snap a decent selfie!

I used some fancy blue false lashes from Elise and Dollarama jewel stick-ons to finish off the look, and wrapped a scarf around my head and neck to kind of mimic Pierrot’s little black hat, grabbed a fake plastic rose and stuck it under my bra strap. Voila!

I am pretty happy with the results. I was a bit intimidated by the concept at first but I think as a first drag attempt on myself it was passable. Either way, I had a lot of fun creating this!