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Here is another delicious offering from our mindmeats.  The deep dark of modern politics creeps into our trialogue, and hopefully this is not too distressing.  Really, we started on Sneakers and we titled this podcast (I titled this podcast) We Love Sneakers, so you’d think that our peace has been said.  It has not.  Sneakers came out in 1992 when I was 11.  Just a short year later I got my first wee modem for my x286 and Sneakers hit me just at the right time.  It’s a movie about hackers (OG hackers, IN THE 80s) and is about cryptography and mass surveillance and the dangers thereof.  It was prescient.  I think it did poorly in theaters because the 3rd act action sequence wasn’t explodey enough.  It was too intellectual.

Great performances from splendid actors as well.