Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is one of those rare shows that actually assumes its audience has grown up with the show. It assumes that if you were like 9 or 10 when Adventure Time started, you’re now a person in your 20s. So Fionna and Cake treats you like an adult. Not in a “now we can cuss and show violence” kind of way (although there is more graphic violence than in the original run) – but more in a “let’s deal with some complex issues like depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt while still somehow (mostly) taking place in the Candy Kingdom.


If you ask me, that’s dope.


For those of you know us personally you know that 9ES is basically an extension of the endless hours Jon, Scott and Keith spent either at a bar or at the Dawson Sci-Fi club just shooting the shit about comics, movies and whatever else we happened to be into at a given moment.


The first half of this episode really taps into that vibe in a way that the show doesn’t always manage to perfectly capture. It’s just the three of us taking a meandering talk about somewhat obscure comic book characters who have spun off into somewhat obscure television shows.


If you had to take a wild guess what we would talk about in this week’s episode I would challenge any of you to say: “They’re going to talk an awful lot about Shadow King.”


I challenge all of you.


Unrelated but we really need to figure out who is next up to watch a really bad movie – if only to make Jon watch The Eternals.


Over on Garbage Time Scott and I talk a little bit about (what else) Marvel Snap before Jon shows back up. We also get into the origin of the phrase “You’re Toast” before we spend a good chunk of time talking about Indiana Jones. If that sounds cool then show your support and head over to Patreon and subscribe at the 9ES Deluxe tier to listen to this and all past episodes of Garbage Time!

Credit Where Credit is Due

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