Montreal’s best podcast reviews Clerks 3 and returns to our roots so this episode of 9ES is filmed entirely in grainy black and white film.


The original Clerks holds a very near and dear place in the heart of all 3 9ES podcaststers. I say with very little exaggeration that Clerks changed my perception of movies. Clerks came out in 1994 – I’m not sure when I first saw it but I’m guessing it was probably 1997. At that point I was about 14 years old and the concept of “independent film” was pretty foreign. Indie flicks were all (in my mind) artsy snooze fests.


Then this black and white movie came around about slackers talking about Star Wars.


I was a slacker.


I loved Star Wars.


Somehow, despite the fact that Kevin Smith has arguably lost his way as a filmmaker in the last 15-20 years, he manages to do right by Randall and Dante and give them a pretty heartfelt send-off in Clerks 3. It’s a fun flick.


We also talk about World War 1 Canadian flying aces.


Important: We are hatching a plan to re-rank some of the mistakes of The List – and we want you to be a part of it! If helping us re-rank some movies seems fun to you, please stay tuned here and on our socials for instructions how we best figure out how to get you involved. Love U.


While we did conquer our overall audio issues from last week we were not entirely without technical failures this week. Scott’s computer decided it needed to update itself right fucking now and the result is that we had a little less time than usual for Garbage Time.


That doesn’t mean we didn’t dig up some high quality Garbage Time content for you though. We go over 14 Totally Bonkers Moments From Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Universe compiled by T.W. Mitchell over at Ranker.Com for hot takes on Frank Miller’s horrible take on the Caped Crusader. It’s goddamned Garbage Time. If all that sounds like the best (because it is), show your support and head over to Patreon and subscribe at the 9ES Deluxe tier to listen to this and all past episodes of Garbage Time!


Credit Where Credit is Due

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