My lovely and beautiful wife took me out to the movies tonight! This is a pretty rare thing for us ever since the lil guy came along, and more so that we get to see the hot new movie on it’s opening weekend, so I wanted to write a little bit about it.

Suicide Squad!

This movie got ripped by the critics who saw it earlier this week, many of whom hated it outright. I saw people calling it derivative and boring.

I don’t think that was really fair. The movie was fun, pretty slick looking, and mostly made sense (in the world they had created) from start to finish. One critic said the movie was “trying to outdo Deadpool while hampered with a PG-13 rating”, and that is actually pretty fair, but all in all Suicide Squad is a popcorn summer shoot-em-up with a few shiny moments.

The trailers don’t lie, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the scene-chewing best part of the movie. She’s got all the coolest lines, and is gonna make a lot of people into huge Harley fans. I’ll admit I had some reservations about what they had done to my (Batman:TAS) Harley Quinn, but Robbie won me over and is really the shining gem of this movie.

Will Smith’s Deadshot is better than I thought he’d be as well, getting to be both the moral center and bad-ass of the team. He’s a big star, and he’s given a few scene’s to act, as well.

Jared Leto’s Joker is… not bad.

He’s okay. I know there was a lot of hype there, and he doesn’t disappoint, but… I dunno, he didn’t shock and amaze like Heath Ledger did as the previous Clown Prince of Crime.

My fav member of the Squad from the comics, Captain Boomerang, didn’t get enough screen time, but when he was on, he was doing all the little things right. Good in a fight but with a healthy dose of cowardice. No real complaints there.

Yeah, so, Suicide Squad. A little bit Guardians of the Galaxy, and little bit Deadpool, a little bit of the stain of Batman v Superman to drag it down, but still it managed to make for a fun night out. And be sure to check out the mid-credits scene with Nick Fury. (You’ll get it when you see it.)