Usually, we like to write a little article or blog post to go with the comic as we post it, but for some reason, I’m having a harder time than normal in doing so. I’m just gonna go on and tell a different story, tangentially related to this comic:

I dated a girl named Tiffany when I was in college. She was a cute gal, who read the news for the college radio and was involved as a troupe leader for the junior girl guides. I liked her, but it didn’t last very long, only a couple of months. That did include, however, the big “year 2000” new year’s eve party, so she stands out in my history for that fact. She was adventurous, self assured and confident, and liked trivia night at the pub.

For NYE, some high-school buddies and I rented a couple of hotel suites up north at a local ski-resort for a couple of days. I tried snow-boarding, but wasn’t any good at it. I had fun, but I fell an awful lot and spent the best part of the day in the hot tub that evening. Tif and I had a great time together, and the night was a sexy affair.

The one thing that Tiffany really, um, was unique, (at least to me) was her ability to talk (scream) dirty during sex. She did so nearly every time we had sex, and did so with a vigor and, well, volume that was both impressive and intimidating. She could string together obscenities for hours on end like no other I have ever known. This was both appealing and confusing to me, as I on occasion was shaken out of the moment by her, pausing to simply admire her ability to keep on swearing.

The next morning, I was up at the breakfast table with the other guys, while the ladies slept in or took over the washroom, and the guys then recited, word for word, the diatribe that paper-thin walls could not contain the night before. It was a great moment in bro-mockery, and I don’t hold it against them, but at the time, I’m sure that I was blushing beet-red.

I don’t even remember why Tiffany and I broke it off, but I’m sure that part of it was the embarrassment I felt that morning. Being 21 is like that, I guess.

Whoo! Comic!

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