Beer: Quadriporter

Brewer: Trèfle Noir

Smoked Rye Porter, 6.5%

I think, by now, that is if you’ve been reading my reviews regularly, you know why I bought this beer. I love porters, I love smoked beers, and most of all, I love Trèfle Noir microbrewery. So. Hard.



I’m nervous. I don’t know why hahah! It’ like every time I try a new beer of theirs, I’m afraid I will hate it for some reason, and it will shatter the pedestal I have put them on.

Ok here goes then.

It’s an opaque espresso brown. But like, not completely opaque. It has a secret and it’s teasing me. I poured it out so carefully, and it made zero foam. There’s a tiny bit of froth around the rim, but hardly at all.

Arrrrg ok it smells amazing. Actually it kind of smells like the stout cupcakes I had earlier today… a little bit sweet. And toasty. Like slightly burned toast. Ah yeah ok the label describes the rye as being sweet and spicy, and there is a good amount of toasted bread notes.

Oh and what. The smoke they added is bacon smoke?! Not sure about that. I guess we’ll see.

Well shit. I have a new favourite beer. Well… until they brew Ale-O-Ween again, that is. Which I am officially out of, as of last month. But yes. This is amazing.

I don’t understand. The flavours are dancing on the tip of my tongue and hugging the rest of my mouth. I’m gonna try to break this down but dont’ expect too much of me here. I think the rye is making the flavour stay nice and light, despite the reasonable amount of hops they have included in the brew. It’s definitely not something I would call sweet, it’s more like… the promise of sweet? Omg you know I love a beer when I get poetic.

“Sweetness promised within

With bitterness overall thin

Smoke covers my senses

And it lowered my defenses”

But yeah I can’t taste the bacon in the smoke. I’m loving the subtle smokiness.  It’s not overpowering. And given the fact that it’s a porter, I was expecting a bit of a kick in the face. But no. surprisingly light and refreshing.

I definitely recommend this. It’s fucking fantastic. Not too strong either, provided you’re not chugging on an empty stomach. 6.5% is a comfortable zone.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)