Welcome to Drink to Think,
the show about alcohol, cocktails and how a drink might be able to make us better people. The basic format of the podcast will revolve around one cocktail per episode. We will go into the history of the cocktail or liquors involved, followed by a story of how some form of meaning can be given to the cocktail and finish with a tasting. You are encouraged to make the cocktail with us and if possible have a tasting with some friends just as we do in the show.
Many of the story portions of this show will be excerpts from the manga Bartender written by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo. The overarching theme of the podcast is on alcohol and its trappings but the underlying theme is about human hardship and creativity. Hardship because when you need a drink it is often because you have had a rough day and creativity because it is very impressive that humans can apply a great deal of meaning to anything in their lives. For example, this show will explain how a simple story can make a world of difference around something as simple as a glass of liquor.
Hope you enjoy and here’s to you my friends.

Today’s Cocktail: Mizuwari
Starting off real simple. A Mizuwari is a Japanese cocktail of a spirit mixed with water (we shall be drinking scotch whiskey). The idea behind the cocktail is that 1) the water can help bring out more subtle flavors and 2) it is a way for those who do not have a taste for hard liquor to come to enjoy it.


The intro and outro music of this podcast is “Nuclear Winter” by the by Keep Them Alive featuring Jeffery Malecki.  Used under a Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution License.

Looks like there may be a hickup with my first posting. here is the link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/9to5/dtot_1.6.3.mp3

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