I cannot stress this enough: watch John Wick 4. It is unparalleled as an action film.


So, peeling back the curtain a little bit, let me tell you that I (Keith) normally write these blurbs and then Jono posts them.


However, this week Jon sent me a blurb about the LCS Spring playoffs and I thought I would share:


“Who caught LCS finals this weekend?
GG smashed FlyQuest in a hilariously unsurprising upset. I feel so bad for those guys, how do you feel good when you lose to momentum and nothing else?
Sure GG was a bunch of semi-washed out vets on the miracle run you knew had to face the music but they did take a match off of C9 in the grand finals and that’s better than anyone expected from them.
They gave Fudge the MVP for the series. Ok, he beat Kennen as Renekton and had the 4 man Malphite ult, sure. Consider: EMENES the only mid with the balls to field assassin types (Leb and Akali in the finals!), but also C9 won the 3 games EMENES won lane and lost the game he lost whereas (until the Olaf game) Fudge mostly went even but then had a flashy play or three.
it actually feels like C9 has the talent to perform at MSI this year (not like GG or FlyQuest who will embarrass NA again) but I’ve been disappointed by NA teams at MSI so many times before I’m completely numb to any hype.”razy amount of drama this season and tons of great matches; it’s a shame League is so niche the quality of the product is at a peak as viewership declines.”


If that sounds cool to you – then boy the last 15-20 minutes of this podcast will get your motor running.


We also talk about D&D Honor Among Thieves and Scott watched that new Ant-Man movie about ants.


Also, totally unrelated to this podcast, here is something I can’t stop thinking about:


So this is fascinatingbasically a shitty mobile game has run a series of over 300 ads that seem to build the lore and reference an *entirely different game* that doesn’t exist.

These weird creepy ads for Evertale have popped up all over my feed and I had already heard that they in fact had nothing to do with the actual game but I had no idea how far the rabbit hole went.


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Credit Where Credit is Due

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