As I’m sure you may have noticed last week I am a fan of Adventure Time. In fact, to some degree all of us are. I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t been chosen as one of our pinups previously.

What was the selection process like for who was who? Well, Jon got chosen for his beautiful blonde locks to be Finn. Scott is the roundest so he got to be Jake. I like to think that I’m the cutest so I got to be BMO and so that left Sophie. I thought Marceline was the obvious choice but then Soph was like “Why would I be Marceline?” I explained that Marceline was the most metal of the Adventure Time characters, what with playing a mean axe, being a vampire and being the daughter of the Lord of Evil. Sophie was like “Oh yeah.” Secretly though I think she wanted to be LSP. I was a little surprised this morning when she didn’t just decide to make herself LSP anyhow.

Anyhow, Sophie is taking a little break of two weeks to get some of the fresh toasty art for the next strips in the oven so that means that next week will also be a pinup. Possibly (probably? certainly?) from a guest artist no less!

Whoever this guest artist is they will have pretty big shoes to fill.

Oh my glob.

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