The Montreal podcast that provides hot takes on HBO’s Last of Us, Ron DeSantis and Terrifier 2 all in one place is back!


I think the hottest take is when Keith posits that Aliens might actually be a zombie movie. It’s not a great take but it is certainly hot and spicy.


I think we can summarize our take on Ron DeSantis as “wut.” From the outside looking in you can’t help but wonder how can the guy who is running Florida might end up running the country?


It’s Florida.


Where Florida Man is from.


We really need to set a date for when we do the list re-rank but until then let me assure you: there’s still plenty of time to let us know what movies you want to see get re-ranked on The List so please let us know your picks using this handy little survey. Since we’re too cheap to buy the premium survey features we are making due with what we’ve got so that means you have to pick at least 1 movie from each question, and at most 5 from each. So you need to pick 2 to 10 movies we should consider re-ranking. Use the comment boxes to explain yourself.


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Meanwhile over on Garbage Time, Keith is joined by Sarah from the Osheaga Podcasts! You know Sarah! We talk about reality TV and some shows we’re watching (like Last of Us again!).


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Credit Where Credit is Due

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