Here is another villain i designed for Zenith Comics; Sir Blood!

Quite obviously, he is a vampire. Andrew gave me very little guidelines for this character, most importantly, no age range. So i decided to veer away from the classic, slightly older man look, with a silver streak in his hair and looks like a Count sort of thing. So i came up with a younger face, maybe around 30, with piercing eyes and a crooked smile.

“Sir” Blood. A knight-like armour is a must (fuck you auto-correct i`m not spelling armour like an american)

I didn`t want a full blown plate suit however, as i felt it would take away from the cheesy romanticism required for the character. Which is the one thing Andrew insisted on. Cheese. With this in mind, i threw on a bunch of wings on the armor and sword. Very nice. But now he`s not very romantic. AH! He needs a poofy neck thingy with a red gem on it! Hahahaha on top of a plate chest piece this is brilliant! Totally unnecessary, pure vanity. I sent the pencil sketch over to Andrew for approval before inking him up.

What does Andrew say?

“He needs more cheese. The armor doesn`t stand out enough.”

In my head, i`m like, woah. Ok this is because he can`t picture the color scheme i have in mind. So i tell him no problem, and i don`t change a thing before inking it. I had a feeling that once he saw the finished product, he would agree it`s plenty cheesy. And i was right yay!

Looking at this now, i would go back and make the cape even more of a cape. Like… more fabric and folds and things. A bit more lavish, you know? Either way, i really like this design. The gaming book he was originally made for seems to have been shelved for the moment, so i`m hoping he`ll be used for the comic at some point. And i hope they won`t completely trash my concept hahaha!

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