The Montreal podcast that asks owner of TurboHaus Sergio Da Silva: What’s your favorite place in NDG? We also ask him if he’s seen Ted Lasso. Both of those questions were submitted back in Episode 277 by Walter J. Lyng and Troy Stark respectively.

We’ve had Sergio Da Silva on the show before. A few times actually. The last time was right before the pandemic in 2020. So let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

I hadn’t really thought about it until we started recording but I’ve seen a LOT of demolition derbies. Growing up my dad was very much a car guy. While he typically gravitated towards the more “legitimate” automotive arts, demolition derbies were always just kind of around. Should a kid be watching a bunch of drunk guys smash cars into each other? Who knows?

However, as Sergio points out repeatedly: It is entertainment at its finest.

So it is that Sergio has rallied support for the official TurboHaüs entry in the 2023 edition of the Ormstown Fair Demolition Derby. 1-2-3 Demolition! Note: There’s a kid’s derby. What the actual hell.

Anyways, we weren’t super clear about what the prizes are on the episode but it seems like there’s a way to win a case of beer. If you can’t make it out to Ormstown this weekend, head over to TurboHaüs literally any time to have a beer and buy a t-shirt.

Enjoy the show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

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