I was in the supermarket, when I saw this:

Look at this box! It is sublime. It is textured, it’s a bit shiny, and if you close your eyes and run your finger down the front of the box, you can almost imagine that you’re Matt Damon. I cannot wait to try this stuff.

It looks alright. Little batarangs, how fun! But what’s that smell?

Did that box say chocolate strawberry flavour? Why? Why would they add strawberry? Batman doesn’t need anything more than chocolatey goodness. This “berry” flavour smells awful. Like a Flintstones vitamin. The box smelled better closed.

Tossing in some milk did not help, but it didn’t get worse.


It is… unlike other cereals. I really wanted it to taste like Count Chocula. It doesn’t.

Oh. Oh the chemical-berry aftertaste is really quite strong. That is not a good thing, as it pushes out all other flavours. And now it stings a little bit. This is not pleasant.

This stuff tastes like being orphaned.

So, I ate two bowls of this stuff, back to back. Do not do this. This cereal is not very good, once you open up the box. It looks great on the inside, but once you really get to it, it’s just kind of gross. I feel like Jennifer Garner.