a0357073465_16With this year’s edition of Osheaga right around the corner, 9to5.cc is taking the time to reach out to some of the local, Quebec artists that will be showcased at Montreal’s biggest music festival.

First up is “Men I Trust”, who’ve released two full length albums since 2014. The band has fully embraced the “DIY” ethos of music making and are fully involved with every creative element of the band.

This means they not only compose and record all of their music but they also master, mix and edit all of their tracks. Not only that, but they also shoot and direct all of their music videos (each one visually beautiful in their own right as well).

I asked Dragos a few questions about their upcoming time at Osheaga.

Keith: Obviously, Osheaga is a huge festival and the headliners tend to be big stars from all over the world. How important is it to you that local Quebecois artists be given the time to shine at Osheaga?

Dragos: It is important because there are a lot of emerging artists that are at an international level in the local scene. Osheaga is a perfect festival for them to shine. It makes the artists and the people happy to see the local scene in such a huge event.  Shout out to our friends Kroy and Geoffroy who will be there too.

K: Conversely, last year Men I Trust had a tour of China and the video for “Plain View” consists mostly of footage of the band from that tour. What was it like to be a Canadian band so far away from home? 

D: China was so good to us. We had a blast. People were really welcoming, nice and caring. As a public, they are so enthusiastic during shows! We were moved to see some people singing the lyrics and really knowing our material so far from home. They really gave us a big wave of love and we hope to be back there soon!

K: Listening to “Headroom” (who’s opening track features fellow Quebecois Osheaga performer Geoffroy) I couldn’t help but think that your music would be an excellent soundtrack to a dream. Is there a particular writing process for Men I Trust to achieve that sound, or is just what comes naturally?

D: Well you must dance in your dreams 😉 Jokes aside, it comes out naturally. We just love composing and we are constantly sharing song ideas. We never think too far when it comes to writing melodies and rhythms. It is pretty spontaneous most of the time. We never have a clear picture of what we want it to be before it’s done.  It’s always a surprise even to us, and that’s what makes it magic for us.

Men I Trust (Dragos, Emma, Jessy) Photo: http://go-kael-mercader.tumblr.com/

Men I Trust (Dragos, Emma, Jessy)
Photo: http://go-kael-mercader.tumblr.com/

K: You’ve mentioned on your website that you are a fully “DIY” band. The band handles everything themselves, recording, mixing, mastering and even shooting your own music videos. How challenging/rewarding is it to handle every creative moment yourselves?

D: Creatively, that makes us very lucky. Because we are involved in each step, everything we release feels more authentic and close to us. The only “bad” side of it would be that sometimes we need more hours in a day. Still so worth it!

K: Finally, the band just released a new track “You Deserve This” in May, with a (as usual) self-directed music video that came out in June. Does this mean that a new album is nearby? What’s next for Men I Trust?

D: We have many tracks on the way. We plan on releasing more singles and music videos. We have lots of songs to play live (people are still discovering our first two albums), so we take our time for a third album. The 3rd albums will come but we can’t tell you when 🙂

Check out the video for “You Deserve This” to get a taste of what’s in store:

“Men I Trust” will be performing at Osheaga at Scène des Arbres SiriusXM Sat, August 5, 2:30 PM > 3:10 PM, tichets and info HERE.
Check out their official website menitrust.com

Keith does all sorts of things here on 9to5.cc, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.


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