xl_artist_125_20170712110230_8f481045Montreal based electro-pop-disco out Le Couleur are currently in the midst of what they’re calling the “Starlite Summer Tour”. The next stop? None other than the biggest music festival in the city: Osheaga.

We caught up with the band quickly to talk about what it’s like being one of only a few acts that will be performing in French, the band’s unique visual style and more.

Keith: You’re one of only a few bands that will be performing in French, what does it mean to Le Couleur to be one of the bands representing Montreal at a festival like Osheaga?

Le Couleur: It’s very flattering!  We think it’s something important for the festival as well as the French culture here.  French and/or local artists bring something special to the festival when you think about it – Otherwise it maybe looks like just any other festival with big names as headliners.  We believe it’s cool and interesting for the audience to discover new bands that they wouldn’t hear about in another context.

K: How did Le Couleur come together? What were your early shows like?

LC: It’s been 6-7 years now. To be honest the first 3-4 years weren’t very representative of what the band is nowadays.  We were by ourselves without any structure (label, management) to help out, so the show was not very good! Haha! Fortunately it’s quite the opposite right now.  We’re very proud and not ashamed of what we present to people.  It’s a freaking fun and fancy party right now!

K: Your style of music is heavily influenced by disco, and despite being modern and new there is still a bit of a ‘retro’ sound to a lot of your songs. Were you always fans of that sound, or is it something you discovered later in life?

LC: We were all born in the early 80’s and have been influenced by the music that our parents were listening to: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, ABBA, The Bee Gees and so on. Music from that era is probably what we listen the most.  We mix vintage instruments with new technology.  So all this together makes our music sound influenced by a ton of things that you could know/remember but always with a touch of modern.  It’s important to be modern in our sound.  Not doing a copy of what has been done for the past 50 years.

K: Visually, the band seems very committed to achieving a very unique look. While the latest video “L’amour le jour” doesn’t have costumes the way something like “Voyage Amoureux” did, there is still a strong visual style. How important are esthetics to the presentation of your music?

LC: Making music video or being on a stage can be something « special ».  It’s just not something you do 24/7.  Most of the time we’re just « normal » people; buying stuff at the market or drinking some beers with friends. So let’s get creative and be someone else for an hour.  People in Quebec tend to want « real » artists.  People who look like them.  We are doing the opposite of all this! Be something/someone else, let’s have some fun, do drugs if you want and make people dream!!!

When they're not on the stage, they do look like the rest of us.

When they’re not on the stage, they do look like the rest of us.

K: Your latest album “P.O.P.” came out last October and was mixed by Eric Broucek (DFA Records, Hercules and Love Affair, Holy Ghost!, etc). Did that experience help elevate Le Couleur’s finished product? 

LC: Definitely!  He’s kind of a reference for indie music.  He did so many things that we get into (as mentioned in your question).  Good ears and cool dude!  We don’t have any plans for the upcoming album but he’ll be definitely be considered once again.

Le Couleur will be at the Scène de la Vallée Vans on Sat, August 5, 1:00 PM > 1:30 PM at Osheaga. More info HERE.

In the meantime check out their video for “L’amour le jour”:

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Images from Osheaga official and Le Couleur on Instagram @lecouleur

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