Hey guess what everyone? After the rain in the morning the rest of the day was sunny and beautiful! (Except for when Muse took the stage it rained for about 10-15 minutes.) I was right! I was right!

Day 2 of Osheaga was primed to be amazing, with the sun in the sky and everyone ready to forget about the scattered showers of yesterday.

Sarah picked up two cans of Bacardi Oakheart and we discovered that it was not very good. That’s what we get for trying new things. Their “spiced rum ginger ale” had a messed up after taste and as it got warm it got borderline undrinkable.DSC_0965

I take it back about trying new things though, a local Montreal band I have just discovered called Men I Trust took to the Tree Stage and put on a great set that was the perfect way to start the day. Despite some technical difficulties (that would seem to plague the whole festival throughout the day) that maybe cut their set short by a song or two, their mellow electronic sounds helped take some of the sting away from those cans of Oakheart.

After that we moved over to the Valley Stage to check out Temples. I’m not sure if I mentioned it yesterday or not, but MGMT was not exactly a stand out show of the day. Temples kind of sound like what you expected MGMT to sound like after Oracular Spectacular but never  really followed up on. Dressed like they were teleported out of the 70’s in leather jackets and retro hair dos Temples looked like they were, to quote Sarah, “on all the acid”. Who cares whether they were or not?DSC_1048

A few weeks ago, Sarah discovered a song called “F*ck They” by Sofi Tukker, so we skipped the last song or two of Temples’ set to make our way to the Island Stage to watch Sofi Tukker play. They’re poppy, sassy girl electro pop so I could kind of seeing them being hit or miss as a live act. They brought a lot of energy and honestly without so much production on the vocals their live renditions were kind of better than their studio performances. They had that whole floating stage jumping. The fact that they play some instruments live also added to the live show. I was actually pleasantly surprised. They could have fallen flat but they didn’t.

Speaking of falling flat. Liam Gallagher. No energy. Half assed covers of Oasis songs sprinkled with his own solo work. The best (most entertaining) moment was when he did some “audience interaction” where he asked “Is anyone here from Chinatown?” to which nobody reacted. So he followed up with “Anyone from China then?” Then, after no response, he just gave up and introduced one of his original compositions “Chinatown”. So there was that. Best part of the set was his closer. To which he all but said “Anyways, here’s Wonderwall.” I asked a self proclaimed Gallagher superfan about his performance and was told that it was “better than expected”. How bad was the expectation here?DSC_0021

Then there was this guy. Wonderwall was this guy’s jam! We asked him what he was twirling around in his dance (they were sunglass cases) and he replied “these are the things that hold the things that my eyes are holding right now”. Never change Osheaga.

We shuffled over to the other main stage to check out Cage the Elephant and I was overwhelmed by the fact that I knew just about every single song they played. How much radio play do these guys get? The only album of theirs I’ve really listened to that much was “Tell Me I’m Pretty” but despite that I knew almost every single tune in their set. Thanks CHOM! But seriously, these guys brought authentic Nashville rock in a big way.

There were more schedule problems that plagued Day 2. So, Solange cancelled her Saturday appearance on Friday. Day of. both George Ezra and Lil Uzi Vert cancelled as well. Tory Lanez stepped in for a set in the place of Lil Uzi, but was held up at the border and delayed. What that did mean though was that we were treated to an extra long set from Broken Social Scene which was amazing. Including special appearances by honorary member of the band Emily Haines for a little added star power. Osheaga is lucky that the band that had to stretch their set out was a band with 5 albums worth of material. Despite the fact that some 20 year old girl kept yelling “Do you know who this is? Who is this? I’m just here for a good spot for Major Lazer!” this was still a highlight of the day.

I’m not sure what happened next but I assume it involved refilling our drinks and getting food. I also remember Torry Lanez yelling something about Tony Montana.

Anyways, here’s Wonderwall. I mean, Major Lazer. First of all, holy shit did these kids go crazy for Major Lazer. The dancefloor spilled out in every direction as thousands of kids seemed to peak on whatever they were on at the same time. Second of all, their set basically consisted of Diplo of playing jock jams from the 90’s and early 2000’s while Walshy Fire jumped around and girls twerked. I guess Jillionaire was there too. But hey, the kids ate it up so I guess they did something right.

We had to stick around for Muse,  because of course we did. I don’t really know what to say about Muse. They put on a great show. They’re a tight band. They’re very good. They are very skilled at playing their instruments. They are a fine and good band. They are Muse.

Happy Osheaga! Check out the rest of our Day 2 Osheaga photos on our Facebook page (click the FB logo in the top right):

Anyways, looking forward to Wonderwall. I mean Day 3.

See you there!

Keith does all sorts of things here on 9to5.cc, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.

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