When you typically see EDM performers live, all too often your met with with the visual of the artist and a mixer connected to a laptop. Certainly there is a skill and an art to that setup, but it is undeniably different than the energy you normally associate with tradtional live music.

When they formed, Montreal-based Beat Market had set out as an early goal to bring their backgrounds as true musicians to their style of electronic music. This is readily apparent in their performmances which successfully capture a sense of “organic” electronic music.

With energy and style they are sure to get the festival goers at Osheaga dancing. asked Beat Market a few questions as they get geared up for this weekend’s festivities:

Keith: Osheaga has become one of the biggest festivals of the year in Canada, and even North America and it’s hosted right here in Montreal. With so many fans coming in from out of town for the festival, how important is it you to represent Montreal, in Montreal on such an international stage?

Beat Market: It’s really great to represent our hometown at this amazing festival. It’s an opportunity for us to play our music in front of people from all around the world. Also, a lot of Montrealers do not know Beat Market yet since we are still an underground electronic band, so this is a good way to promote our stuff. We’re gonna meet some other artists too, which is also pretty cool.

K: You’re going to be performing from 8:00-9:30 pm on the Sunday of Osheaga, do you have any tricks up your sleeves to make sure everyone is dancing?

BM: We are looking to play the most creative and groovy beats possible so that people can move and have a good time. Mostly some leftfield house and a touch of afro electro beat.

K: Unlike a lot of EDM, you incorporate some traditional instruments into the electronic beats and loops. Was this always the plan, or did it develop as Beat Market grew as a sound?

BM: It’s important for us to show the crowd that we play. It is visually more interesting and human errors can emerge from it. Those errors sometime resolve in magical moments that are hard to achieve when only mixing. Incorporating analog synths and drum machines was always part of Beat Market, that’s what we are who we are.

K: What kind of music inspired you to form Beat Market? Your website bio mentions Vitalic and Daft Punk (great artists) but are there any less well known inspirations you’d like to share?

BM: There is a 70’s Japanese band called Yellow Magic Orchestra that we’ve been really inspired by. We also like to listen to old vinyl records from the 70’s and 80’s to dig into obscure funk and disco bands. There is so much good stuff out there!beat2

K:You keep posting really great jam sessions on your Facebook, does this mean that a new release and maybe a tour is in the near future for Beat Market?

BM: We are definitely in the process of creating new stuff. And I say “process” because we’re actually trying a new way to make music which is pretty exciting. We don’t know yet what direction we’re taking for the next record but you can expect some groovy bad ass stuff! We’re planning to release an EP for winter and start touring after that. 

Beat Market are performing at La serre Perrier
Sun, August 6, 8:00 PM > 9:30 PM.
Tickets and info for Osheaga HERE.

Check out their music video for “Atlantis” (with APigeon):

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